You’re not as smart as you think you are - how to avoid making bad decisions

9 December 2020 18:00-19:30, United Kingdom

This is an online lecture by Dr Steven Lipworth, Strategic Risk Analyst, SRL Consulting. The lecture will start at 6 pm.

The conscious mind has limited cognitive ability to deal with complex decisions. We sometimes make bad decisions because of the way our brains work. Research has shown that intelligent people may be more susceptible to common thinking errors. Simple errors in thinking and cognitive bias can distort our judgement. However, knowing how to recognise these errors, can improve our decision-making.
Dr Steven Lipworth is a strategic risk analyst and business skills trainer with over 30 years consultancy experience, working with commercial, government and learned society organizations in the UK and abroad. He also created and ran post-graduate training courses for the Judge Business School and MIT.  Steven was an Environment, Health & Safety policy adviser at the RSC.

United Kingdom

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The Royal Society of Chemistry Management Group
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