Biodyes Interface Conference

21 October 2020 12:00-20:00, Virtual, United States

Exploring natural dyes from a science viewpoint
The art of colouring textiles with natural dyes and pigments has a long history. Methods and ingredients can be handed down, chronicled, discovered by research and experiment, or a combination of any of these. This conference explores a wide variety of the features of natural dyestuffs, with discussion on sustainability, economics, safety, innovation, and more. There's a fibre-focus, but other uses of natural dyes may be explored. International contributors.
Funded by the Royal Society of Chemistry's Diversity Group, the event aims to be as inclusive and as accessible as possible. Being held in a virtual world means that geographical limitations are minimised, and costs minimal when compared with the more traditional conferences - often held in big cities, with expensive accommodation, not to mention the travel, as well as the registration fee. Costs to the participants here are mainly the fees of their internet provider. It is even possible to 'attend' from a hospital bed. It is thus hoped that any 'normal' deterrents and personal difficulties will be overcome, providing for an interesting, informative and enjoyable conference, with the most diverse group of participants.
Main conference: one day 
Social activities within VirBELA virtual world, two days leading up to the main event
10 days post conference: free access to posters, kiosk presentations, and time for discussions.
Sponsorship & supporting organisations
Royal Society of Chemistry Diversity Group
VirBELA Campus

RSC Team Suite, VirBELA Campus, VirBELA, Virtual, United States

Organised by
Dr Jenny Oliver
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