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"Value from Waste" in Construction Webinar

23 October 2020 11:00-14:00, United Kingdom

The Applied Materials Group committee have organized a series of webinars to be held this summer with a broad theme of “value from waste” in order to highlight technology areas to our Interest Group members that require applied materials chemistry knowledge. The series will take a closer look at specific challenges that are at the frontier of research in the areas of waste and recycling, with a view to inspiring our network members to move into some of these areas and contribute towards the research challenges that lie ahead for materials sustainability.

The Applied Materials Chemistry Group are hosting a webinar for all members to discover and discuss the challenges faced in the treatment, valorisation and recycling of ashes (including coal fly ash), mineral by-products, air pollution residues and wastes in the manufacture of new construction products and other industries.

This webinar will discuss the current waste and recycling options for recycled construction materials and share information on some of the latest research in their treatment and use. Indicative topics that will be focused on in the webinar include:

Value from coal fly ash from power generation (UK Quality Ash Association) 
  • Supply/demand and markets for ash
  • Exploiting landfilled deposits against strong demand and a backdrop of reduced supply
  • Technologies for processing/upgrading properties of material- physical and chemical (including carbon removal)
  • Components of the ash with higher value
  • The presentation will focus on the components within coal fly ash, their uses and how chemistry and physical processes can help to extract value from these materials for construction and other industries.
Valorisation of waste/by product for construction (Imerys Aluminates) 
Two challenges in construction product formulation using calcium aluminates will be described:
  • Mixtures of minerals and organic materials in construction waste need expensive separation processes to enable their utilisation. Novel work has been carried out to effectively incorporate mineral foams into new construction products. 
  • Partial substitution of conventional Portland cement by supplementary cementitious materials (from industrial by-products) is the easiest way to reduce the CO2 footprint of concrete but there is an associated loss of early age properties (such as flow and rate of strength development). Research has been carried out on new formulations to develop lower CO2 footprint products but also with rapid hardening and early entry to service. 
Value from air pollution control (APC) residues through a mineral carbonation process (Carbon 8 Systems)
Accelerated Carbon Technology (ACT) has been applied industrially to engineer valuable, low-carbon products, such as aggregates for low carbon building materials, and fertilisers. In addition to cement, other sectors where ACT can be used include power generation (Energy from Waste), the steel industry and the paper industry. The technique and some of its applications will be described.

The meeting will be held on the RSC's GoToMeeting application. To register please follow the GoToMeeting link below. How to access the event will be published closer to the event.

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