Kinetic Modeling: An Essential Practice in Chemical Process Development

29 September 2020 15:00-16:00


Kinetic Modeling: An Essential Practice in Chemical Process Development

Daniel Hallow, Scale-up Systems Ltd.
In the pharmaceutical, fine and speciality chemicals sectors, the study and application of mechanistic kinetic modeling is surprisingly variable.  Approaches to reaction optimization vary from organizations that seek to develop deep mechanistic insight, to those that are satisfied with statistical approaches to determine the main factors, to those that perform little or no structured study of reactions.
Kinetic modeling is often perceived by chemists as ‘something that engineers do’, or misunderstood and mechanistic studies considered ‘too much effort – I’d rather run more experiments’.  However, well-directed kinetic modeling can be a game-changing activity in helping to accelerate chemical development, achieve right first-time scale-up, successfully transfer technology, and implement new manufacturing modalities.
This webinar will focus on the benefits offered by kinetic modeling, explaining how to:
Gain value, especially minimising the amount of experiments and resources required for project delivery;
Develop models that are fit-for-purpose or ‘good enough’;
Effectively combine kinetic modeling with Design of Experiments (DoE) studies;
Use models as an aid to capture knowledge and tech transfer across teams and organisations;
Use lab scale models during process scale-up and technology selection (e.g. flow processing).The presenter, Dr Daniel Hallow, will draw on his personal experience of using kinetic modeling to support the development of API manufacturing processes at Bristol-Myers Squibb and Johnson & Johnson/Noramco and several case studies across the industry.
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Process Chemistry & Technology Group, Royal Society of Chemistry
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