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European Glycoscience Community Webinars

29 August 2020 00:00 - 31 December 2020 00:00, United Kingdom

The RSC Carbohydrate Interest Group has been working closely with CarboMet and European scientists to establish the European Glycoscience Community. This is an outreach venture to promote engagement, foster collaborations and disseminate advances in European glycoscience research which will be carried out through a series of webinars and networking events. It is a fully inclusive event which encourages participation from early career researchers for both presentations and chairing sessions. We have put together an exciting program for 2020 featuring researchers from across Europe and have two sessions joint with the American Chemical Society Carbohydrate group also. The full program for the remainder of the year is below and registration for the events is being hosted throught the CarboMet webpage. Please see the registration URL for details. 

If you are interested in presenting or chairing a session please get in touch with the RSC Carbohydrate group secretary at

30th July 2020 3pm GMT
Matt Gibson, University of Warwick
New diagnostic tool for rapid detection of coronavirus
Dr Fabrizio Chiodo, Amsterdam UMC
SARS-CoV-2 carbohydrate-mediated interactions at the host-pathogen interface.
13th August 2020 3pm GMT
Mark Skidmore, Keele University
Glycosaminoglycans as potential therapeutic agents against COVID-19 
Dr Aurore Labourel, University of Warwick
Discovery of fungal copper proteins evolutionarily related to lytic polysaccharides monooxygenases (LPMO)
27th August 2020 3pm GMT
Ben Schumann, The Francis Crick Institute
Chemical precision tools to understand the details of O-GalNAc glycosylation
Marthe Walvoort, University of Groningen
Studying the mechanism of bacterial protein glycosyltransferases
11th September 4pm 2020 GMT
Lynne Howell, University of Toronto
Microbial Exopolysaccharide biosynthesis: Molecular mechanisms to potential therapeutics
Liang Wu, The Rosalind Franklin Institute
Structural and computational dissection of the MGAT5 reaction mechanism
24th September 2020 4pm GMT
Michelle Kilcoyne, NUI Galway
Glycomics microarrays for measurement and screening microbial interactions
Jesús Angulo, University of East Anglia
Transient Carbohydrate Interactions: Molecular Basis by Multifrequency STD NMR Spectroscopy
8th October 2020 3pm GMT
Yi Jin, University of Cardiff (Confirmed)
How GH20 enzymes from gut microbiota contribute to rate limiting steps in mucin breakdown
Cecilia Romano, Technical University of Denmark DTU
Synthesis of S-linked Arabinoxylan Oligosaccharides
22nd October 2020 4pm GMT - Joint ACS CARB Division Meeting
Mia Huang, Scripps Research Institute
Mapping glycan-mediated galectin-3 interactions by live cell proximity labeling
Myles Poulin, University of Maryland
Probing substrate recognition by a biofilm dispersing glycosyl hydrolase enzyme
12th November 2020 3pm GMT
Haroldas Bagdonas, University of York
Integrative carbohydrate structure validation with Privateer
Prof Silvia Vignolini
Cellulose nanoengineering: from nature to applications
27th November 2020 9am GMT
Todd Lowary, Academica Sinica, Taiwan
Synthesis of Complex Microbial Glycan Probes  
Marta Artola, Leiden University
Conformation and reactivity of glycomimetics are key features for the rational design of glycosidase inhibitors and activity-based probes
10th December 2020 4pm GMT - Joint ACS CARB Division Meeting
Lina Cui, University of Florida
Synthetic glycans in molecular imaging and drug discovery
Matthew Macauley, Alberta Glycomics Center, University of Alberta
New chemical and biochemical tools to study the immunomodulatory Siglecs

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