Leadership skills mentoring - recruitment of mentors and mentees

1 September 2022 11:00 - 18 November 2022 18:00

This event is for RSC Members only

The Royal Society of Chemistry is inviting Heads of Science/Chemistry (or equivalent) in the UK and Ireland to take part in a mentoring partnership with RSC members working in industry with experience of leadership development.

The mentoring relationship is likely to cover aspects of leadership, such as effective delegation, building a high performing team culture or leading change. This is a great opportunity for school leaders and members in industry to extend their leadership skills by sharing experiences and techniques. According to a report by McKinsey & Co school leadership is “second only to classroom teaching as an influence on learning".
Heads of Science and/or a Chemistry will be able to explore their career aspirations and those for their department. Mentors will provide a useful outside perspective. The partnership will also represent an invaluable link between schools and industry.

The ultimate goal is to improve the chemistry learning outcomes and opportunities for students. We recognise the crucial role of teachers play towards this goal and how departmental leaders can support this through the culture and strategies that they implement.

How to take part
Open exclusively to members of the Royal Society of Chemistry we are looking for:
  • Mentees who are Heads of Science/Chemistry (or equivilent) working in secondary schools in UK or Ireland. Priority will be given to Heads of Department at schools in disadvantaged areas which we define as schools with 25% or more of pupils on free school meals
  • Mentors who are from industry and have received leadership training and in a comparable role of producing their own work and managing a team.
The scheme takes place over 6 months. You will receive guidance to help shape mentoring conversations in collaboration with mentors and previous participants. We would recommend you meet up monthly but it is for each mentoring partnership to determine how and how often you communicate based on what suits you both.

If you would like to take part email mentoring@rsc.org for the attention of Katie Nuttall if you are a Head of Science/Chemistry department, or Laura Woodward if you are a member in industry.

Participating teachers can expect to:
  • Establish a collaborative relationship with their mentoring partner, leading to productive conversations on aspects of leadership 
  • Develop greater self-awareness and confidence in relation to their role as a leader 
  • Apply reflections on leadership to their own school’s context, creating/evolving a personalised plan that will contribute to improved teaching and learning outcomes.  
Mentors can expect to:
  • Reflect on their own leadership experiences and practice for the benefit of their current work
  • Develop active listening and communication skills that are transferable to their personal and working life
  • Gain personal satisfaction through their support of dedicated teachers and their schools
Mentors will be asked to attend a training session on 13th December 2022 (delivered via Zoom) where we will provide you with all the information you need to successfully mentor a teacher.
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