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RSSL Webinar: Manufacturing Vegan Products - Expert Insights

20 January 2021 14:00-15:00, Reading, United Kingdom

Hosted by RSSL experts Barbara Hirst and Christina Holt, this webinar will discuss the considerations around vegan manufacturing, the guidance surrounding vegan claims and possible supply chain challenges.

Topics covered will include:
  • The regulation, or lack of, guidance around and differences in what is meant or interpreted by the terms ‘vegan’, ‘vegan friendly’, ‘plant based’ etc.
  • The risks to allergic consumers of assuming a product with a vegan claim is safe for them
  • The challenge of the supply chain in ensuring that non-vegan contaminants are not introduced unintentionally, particularly during the era of COVID-19
  • Vegan production management
  • Product and ingredient testing, claim verification and cleaning validation for vegan products
Online event

Online event, Whiteknights Campus, Pepper Lane, Reading, RG6 6LA, United Kingdom

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