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TYC Highlight Seminar: A quantum future of materials simulations

21 January 2021 15:00-16:00, London, United Kingdom

Considering the exponential computational complexity of accurately simulating quantum systems on classical computers, almost four decades ago Richard Feynman introduced the concept of a quantum computer to simulate quantum systems.  With rapid progress in quantum technology, Feynman's vision is slowly becoming reality and it is timely to think about a future of materials simulations, accelerated by quantum computers.  In this talk Matthius will give an introduction to quantum algorithms for the simulation of materials and molecules.  He will review significant recent progress in the field and present exciting opportunities offered by future quantum computer.  Given a growing hype around quantum computing he will also debunk some myths, to bring clarity around the realistic potential of quantum computing.
Sponsorship & supporting organisations
King's College London; University College London; Imperial College London; Queen Mary Univervisty of London
The Thomas Young Centre

Zoom Meeting ID: 975 2405 5904 Passcode: TYCHighlig , The Thomas Young Centre, Department of Physics & Astronomy, Gower Place, London, WC1E 6BN, United Kingdom

Organised by
Cedric Weber; George Booth
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