Practical Chemistry during a Pandemic including a microscale approach

13 July 2021 09:30 - 14 July 2021 18:00


Day 1 Start 09:30 - Finish 16:00
Day 2 Start 12:00 - Finish 18:00

Cost: For both days £15.00
For either day £10.00

Day 1: Run by the Secondary and Further Education Group (SaFE)

Topics that may be covered

•  Practical Work in School Examinations
•  The role of CLEAPSS and SSERC during the emergency
•  Uses of microscale techniques techniques at A level
•  Application of small scale techniques in Industry and Research both here in the UK and Overseas.
•  Using Chemistry to present Magic!
•  Blended Learning
•  Practical work from home and overseas,including column chromatography on Pasteur pipettes
•  Lunch time Break out Chat Rooms centred around winning Posters

Day 2 : Run by the International Symposium on Microscale Chemistry(ISMC)

See document Program of Events Wednesday 14 July

 Poster Presentation:

Thanks to CLEAPSS,there is also the opportunity to supply a poster and prizes will be offered to the best entries. See
*The ISMC is organised by a group of like-minded friends who meet up biennially in different parts of the world.By inviting this groups,SaFE is able to present an international element to this conference
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