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#RSCPosterLive – The #RSCPoster Conference Live Webinars

2 March 2021 11:00-19:00, United Kingdom

The #RSCPoster Twitter Conference ( is an annual virtual event, bringing together the global chemistry community to network with peers, share their research and engage in scientific debate. #RSCPoster subjects cover the entire breadth of the chemical sciences and related topics.

This year, we’re introducing #RSCPosterLive, a series of webinars held alongside the event at which we’re discussing some of the important issues faced by chemical scientists throughout their career. These webinars will be open to everyone – registration is free via the 'Book Now' link.

(Please note, registering for the webinars will not automatically register you to present a poster at #RSCPoster and vice versa. If you would like to register to present a poster at #RSCPoster, please see the link in the top right corner)

For the 2021 event, the webinar schedule will be as follows:
11:00 UTC 2 March – Choosing Your Supervisor
12:00 UTC 2 March – #RSCPoster Twitter Conference Opens - head to Twitter to see the first posters and upload yours!
14:00 UTC 2 March – Pathways to Professor
18:00 UTC 2 March – Mental health in Chemical Science

We have tried to spread the sessions across timezones, however we understand that not everyone will be able to make these timeslots. We will send all registered attendees a link to the recorded webinar following the event, therefore please do register even if you are unable to make the session. If you won’t be able to attend the live webinar but have a specific question you would like to ask our panellists, you may send this in to in advance, and this will be passed on to the session hosts to ask at each Q & A.

For more information about each webinar, please see below:

Choosing Your Supervisor

11:00-12:00 UTC 2 March 2021
For aspiring MChem, PhD and postdoctoral students, one the most important decisions you make in your early career is who to choose as your supervisor. Join our speakers as they share their advice and gain insights on how to choose a supervisor to suit you and boost your career.

Athina Anastasaki (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)

Tanja Junkers (Monash University, Australia)
Dominik Konkolewicz (Miami University, USA)

Pathway to Professor

14:00-15:00 UTC 2 March 2021
Do you want tips on how to advance your career? Join our panellist of speakers as they describe their journeys towards becoming Professor, sharing their advice, secrets to success and what they wish they’d known as they started on their careers in academia.

This session will provide insights on different pathways from around the world, and be of interest to early and late career researchers, industrialists looking to move back to academia and researchers thinking of working in a different country.

Moderator: Timothy Noël (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Mariola Tortosa (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain)
Duncan L. Browne (University College London, UK)
Malika Jeffries-EL (Boston University, USA)
Debabrata Maiti (IIT Bombay, India)
Gabriela Schlau-Cohen (MIT, USA)

Mental Health in the Chemical Sciences

18:00-19:00 UTC 2 March 2021
No matter who you are, mental health is important. Join us as we place a spotlight on key mental health issues in STEM fields, covering subjects such as researcher wellbeing, work place culture, the pressures of fixed-term contracts, workloads and bullying and discuss how we can improve mental health in STEM.

This session is relevant to any individual currently or interested in working or studying within the chemical sciences. The webinar will consist of short presentations followed by a moderated panel discussion and Q&A with the audience.

Moderator: Zoë Ayres (Hach, UK)

Andrea Hayward (CACTUS Communications)
Founded in 2002, Cactus Communications is a technology company accelerating scientific advancement. It started as an organization dedicated to aiding researchers overcome the language barrier in academic publication, and have since become a multinational technology company that solves problems for researchers, universities, publishers, academic societies, and life science organizations.

Liesl Krause (PhD Balance)
PhD Balance is a collaborative community empowering graduate students to build their personal and professional resilience. The organization aims to increase visibility of those who have struggled with mental health issues, from students to postdocs, future PhDs to those who have long-since graduated.

Wendy Ingram (Dragonfly Mental Health) 
Dragonfly are a US-based organization dedicated to cultivating excellent mental health among academics worldwide. They conduct research, provide consultancy and supportive networking to carry the positive message of mental health.
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