The Investment Catalyst: A showcase of chemistry-led innovation for the angel investment community

12 May 2021 10:00-11:30, Online, United Kingdom

The Royal Society of Chemistry, in partnership with the UK Business Angels Association (UKBAA) present to you the 8th edition of the Investment Catalyst. The event will be held online on 12 May 2021, with 8 companies selected to pitch following a competitive application series.
Our joint aim is to connect the UK’s leading chemistry-focused start-ups and scale-ups with angel and early stage investors through the Royal Society of Chemistry's vast network of science entrepreneurs and UKBAA's community of leading investors.
Over the last five years, the Investment Catalyst has presented 55 leading innovators using chemistry to revolutionise life sciences, energy supply, construction, food and drink, the automotive industry and more. We have seen our cohort of businesses raise a total of £4.5m in funding from attending investors, and we’re thrilled to have seen an incredible exit from one of our finalists at a phenomenal £623m!

The event is open to investors, angel syndicates and groups and VC funds.  If you do not fit into one of these categories we reserve the right to cancel your registration.

Registration for the event is free

Chemistry-led innovation represents a broad and compelling opportunity for early-stage investors as it is integral to supporting an array of sectors and focuses. Businesses using chemistry at the centre of their technology offer possibilities that can drastically impact and improve the lives and work of citizens and communities everywhere, and together we are delighted to create a platform to showcase innovators first-hand to potential investors.

The Royal Society of Chemistry currently supports over 300 small businesses across the UK by providing networking opportunities, grants and funding support, and help with recruitment and business promotion through their EnterprisePlus scheme.

UK Business Angels Association is the national trade association for angel and early-stage investment, working with 160-member organisations and 18,000 investors across the UK, enabling cutting edge start-ups and scale ups the opportunity and tools to connect with experienced investors to support their growth.

Useful links

Armadillo Metal Coatings Ltd, United Kingdom

Armadillo Metal Coatings Ltd will be the world-leading provider of anti-corrosion, anti-viral electroplating additives. Formed in 2019 to commercialise their founder’s patented technology which substantially extends the life of electroplated metals. The plating is x10 more anti-corrosion and x100 more anti-viral than competing technologies, giving users substantial cost savings.

CageCapture Ltd, United Kingdom

CageCapture™ is a patented molecular material and a world first to eliminate indoor pollutants at atomic level.

Chip[s] Board ltd, United Kingdom

Chip[s] Board® is a thriving UK bioplastic innovation company, creating circular economy materials using abundant industrial food waste. With a specific focus on low impact manufacturing and responsible resource management, Chip[s] Board’s vision is to produce materials that work with nature, without compromise in quality.

ChromaTwist, United Kingdom

ChromaTwist is a leader in large Stokes shift organic fluorescent dyes, their innovative molecular technology platform is allowing the development of our fluorophores for applications in the healthcare sector, bio-sensing and bio-imaging

Chromosol, United Kingdom

Chromosol Ltd have developed an approach to building optical amplifiers and lasers directly onto silicon chips. This will allow for the future integration of electronic and optical communications systems resulting in greater data transfer rates using reduced power consumption.

Glaia Ltd, United Kingdom

Glaia’s disruptive product boosts crop yields sustainably. Based on a water-soluble, sugar-derived nanomaterial that unlocks the current bottleneck in agricultural productivity: photosynthesis. Glaia's unique technology enhances the photosynthetic efficiency of crops, leading to increased yields of 20-40% while decreasing the emissions from crop production.

Molymem, United Kingdom

Molymem use a new class of modified 2D materials with a range of benefits for nanofiltration membranes including ultra-high performance, high corrosion resistance and sharp molecular size cut-off.

Viridi CO2, United Kingdom

Viridi CO2 have engineered heterogeneous, high-surface area, porous catalysts capable of transforming CO2 into polyurethane feedstock materials. Utilising lower temperatures and pressure than those currently available, this process provides a route to reduced petrochemical reliance by harnessing a synergetic relationship between adjacent active sites to insert CO2 with high efficiency.


Online, Online, United Kingdom

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