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QP Webshow - To QP or Not to QP

16 September 2021 09:30-13:00, United Kingdom


This is a packed day that explores everything involved in becoming a Qualified Person (QP). Attendees are encouraged to ask as many questions as they like to ensure that you leave with a clear understanding and can make an informed decision whether being a QP is for them or not.

We cover the role of a QP, the level of commitment expected of a QP, what you can expect from the RSSL training programme and the Viva assessment process and also look at the importance of the Sponsor as a mentor and the support they should provide throughout the training process.

Our QP webshow events are suitable for :

Those interest in becoming a QP
Anyone who wants to know what it takes to become a Qualified Person
Fully understand the Viva Assessment process
Sponsors who want to understand more about the QP Sponsor role
Budget holders who want to understand what is involved and the costs
Those who want to know how RSSL structures it training programme and how it differs from other suppliers


By the end of the course you will:
  • Understand what is involved in becoming a Qualified Person
  • Understand what makes a ‘good’ QP
  • Know what the opportunities are for the QP
  • Be aware of the requirements and expectations for QP Sponsors
  • Understand a QP Assessor’s view

United Kingdom

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