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COP26 Water Climate Discussion Series: Nature Based Solutions

10 June 2021 09:00-10:00, United Kingdom

Experts from IWA, Water UK and Severn Trent will be sharing the latest developments in water-sector nature based solutions to the adaptation & resilience challenges of climate change.

They will also be asking you some big questions - we’re keen to hear about any promising innovations, and also to discuss how we make good science/policy scalable and accessible to all. We’ll be publishing your responses in a report that will shape our continued action in the run up to COP26.

Nature Based Solutions provide us an opportunity to address multiple challenges such as returning high quality water to natural water systems, providing opportunities for biodiversity and the creation of natural capital while delivering wider societal benefit.

They can be used to treat water and wastewater (removing pollutants like phosphate, ammonia, metals, glycol, hydrocarbons, pesticides, etc.) and to manage water flows. They include sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) and constructed wetlands together with parks, green roofs & walls and from street trees through woodlands to large forest catchments.

NBS contribute to the protection and enhancement of nature and natural processes by consciously integrating these into spatial planning and development, improving our quality of life while providing significant environmental benefits.

Critically for COP26, Nature Based Solutions do all this with significantly reduced energy requirements, even acting as a carbon sink as biomass accumulates. They both mitigate climate change and provide adaptation and resilience to a wide range of its effects.
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