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RSC joins professional bodies in raising alarm after climate policy reversal

Following Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's announcements on net zero policy this week, we have joined forces with a large number of cross-industry professional bodies to issue a statement

RSC-backed companies in contention for Earthshot Prize glory as Prince William reveals 2023 finalists

The Royal Society of Chemistry would like to congratulate Colorifix and Enso on their nominations for the Earthshot Prize as both businesses hope to earn one of the five £1m prizes.

A vision for science culture

Today, we’re launching our vision for a great science culture. The vision builds on in-depth engagement with the chemical sciences community and sets the direction for changes that can benefit everyone across the chemical sciences community.

Puraffinity: Using green technology to tackle the global PFAS problem

An innovative new solution could make a massive difference in how we remove 'forever chemicals' from water sources.

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