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Influencing science policy at the intergovernmental level

The Royal Society of Chemistry is strongly influencing the formation of a United Nations independent intergovernmental science–policy panel for chemicals, waste and the prevention of pollution. We spoke to Dr Camilla Alexander White, from our policy and evidence team, and our former president Professor Tom Welton, about how we are fostering trust between scientists and policymakers to ensure meaningful, global action.

Going Digital with Chemistry World

We’ve provided members with the opportunity to help us reduce our footprint by unsubscribing from the print edition of Chemistry World and accessing the magazine digitally.

Time to reboot your professional development?

We’re doing everything we can to support you and your professional development for 2023, so we’ve collated advice for you to consider when you set those new goals for yourself.

Every positive change makes a difference

Professor Andrew Burrows has been leading on changes to research and teaching labs at the University of Bath, aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of research. He says that robust data will be key for improving sustainability across the board.

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