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2,923 lemons and a Guinness World Records® title!

New Guinness World Records® title for the highest voltage from a fruit battery set by the Royal Society of Chemistry, battery expert Professor Saiful Islam and science presenter Fran Scott.

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Professor Robert Mokaya becomes a Trustee of the Royal Society of Chemistry

We spoke to Robert Mokaya for his thoughts on becoming a trustee, at a point we’re embarking on a new strategy that focuses on enabling chemical scientists to make the world a better place.

Inclusion and diversity one year on: our work with world’s leading academic journals

Publishers with portfolios in excess of 15,000 peer-reviewed journals have now signed up to our joint commitment for equality in publishing

Scepticism over UK Government’s ability to create EV infrastructure fuels consumer plans to stick with petrol and diesel

UK drivers are being deterred from making a complete switch to fully electric vehicles (EVs) by a lack of faith in the Government’s ability to deliver the necessary infrastructure, our new research reveals.

Empowering young people to tackle climate change: our curriculum recommendations

The results of an extensive survey of educators and pupils across the UK show that current provision is falling short. Read our new report.

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