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Biomimetic nanoscale materials for use in sensing and drug delivery applications

7 June 2021

Join us for the third installment of the digital seminar series organised by the Manchester and District Early Career Network. 

Dr. Marloes Peeters is a Senior Lecturer and the Deputy Director of Chemical Engineering within the School of Engineering at Newcastle University.  She is also the principal investigator of the Bioinspired Materials Lab. The lab’s primary research focus is in the development of bespoke bio-sensing platforms for medical diagnostics and environmental monitoring. The group actively collaborates with industry and is world-leading in the field of thermo-electric sensing, with more recent focus directed towards drug delivery, in vivo sensing, and continuous monitoring.

In this talk, Dr. Peeters explores how we can draw inspiration from designs found in nature to develop novel nanoscale materials for use in sensing and drug delivery applications. The talk can be viewed on the ECN's YouTube channel from the start date listed.

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