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The UK India Business Council (UKIBC) and the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) are holding an important conversation with key stakeholders

7 October 2021 10:00-17:00, India

This event is by invitation only

The UK India Business Council (UKIBC) and the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) are holding an important conversation with key stakeholders to illustrate what this means for “Open Access and beyond”.

The aim of the interaction is to discuss the developing role of Open Science and its impact on the UK and India’s scientific progress, and how partners in enterprise can play a role in this endeavour.

Key themes which will be covered include:
  • Significance of Open Science
  • Impact of Open Science on India’s scientific development in a post-Covid scenario
  • Open Science and the Enhanced Trade Partnership between India and the UK
  • Partnering for success: researchers, institutions, funders, publishers, professional bodies
  • Open Access and beyond: towards a sustainable Open Science Framework


In a pandemic afflicted world, Open Science is a growing theme for promoting openness, collaboration, and inclusivity in scholarly research. Now open for consultation, according to India’s 5th Science and Technology draft policy, Open Science promises to foster more equitable participation in science through diverse steps such as:
  • Increasing access to research outputs
  • Transparency and accountability in research
  • Inclusivity and better use of resources with minimal restrictions; and
  • Ensuring there is a constant exchange of knowledge between producers and users of knowledge

The Indian government is making all publicly funded research output and resources available to all to foster learning and innovation. It aspires to build an ecosystem where research data, infrastructure, resources, and knowledge are accessible to all. Among several proposed initiatives, a future-looking, all-encompassing Open Science Framework is being planned to provide access to scientific data, information, knowledge, and resources to everyone in the country.

In the backdrop of this government’s vision, the role of scientific publishers plays a significant role which is acknowledged in policy, as well as the institutions and researchers themselves. The high quality and integrity of research communication is paramount. This means that there is a need for discussion on how to sustainably build from Open Access to other elements of Open Science (FAIR data, software, recognition, and reward) as part of a changing research culture and sustainable business model.

Scientific publishers, policy makers, researchers, and learned societies will come together to discuss and share their insights on the Open Science framework, its impact on Indian science, and opportunities for UK and Indian business.


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