Advancing the Performance and Sustainability of Materials, with Calyxia’s Microcapsule Technology

30 November 2021 14:00-15:10

In electric mobility, 5G infrastructures, consumer electronics and sporting goods, there is an increasing demand for advanced and sustainable polymer materials.
Today, the development of such materials is restricted as the number of polymer additives that can be used is limited. This is due to polymer additive:
  •  Compatibility, solubility and dispersion issues
  • Premature degradation via hydrolysis, oxidation or cross-reaction
  • Limited activity window or premature activity 
  • Microcapsules were considered as a solution in the past, however all existing technologies offer no protection above 100°C and under high pressure and shear environments.
Calyxia’s technology is the first and only perfectly sealed, process resistant and completely customizable microencapsulation technology. Calyxia’s technology allows for reactive, functional and optical polymer additives to be protected even in the most extreme temperature and shear processing conditions (extrusion, injection, compression moulding, film casting…). With seven delivery mechanisms, Calyxia microcapsules ensure that the polymer additives are delivered at the right time and site for maximum performance.
Join our webinar and discover the future of protected, high performance polymer additives for advanced performance, lightweight and durable polymer materials with new functionalities.

For more information please visit Calyxia website: 

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For more information please visit Calyxia website: 
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