Metals, Peptides and Nuclear Medicine: radiolabelled peptides in medical imaging and treatment

4 April 2011, London, United Kingdom

King's College London and the Royal Society of Chemistry are pleased to present this one day academic symposium to celebrate the lifetime achievements of Professor Helmut Maecke who will be presented with the RSC Bequerel Medal. The Symposium will also celebrate the centenary of Marie Curie being awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry. The synthesis and application of peptide-chelate conjugates for labelling with radioactive metal isotopes, for medical imaging by gamma scintigraphy or positron emission tomography, and for anti-cancer therapy, has become a core activity in radiopharmaceutical design. This one day symposium provides an opportunity to hear from leading experts in these fields and to network with peers and colleagues.
St Thomas’ Hospital

Nevin Lecture Theatre, St Thomas’ Hospital, London, United Kingdom

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