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Leading and sustaining an organisation during the COVID-19 pandemic

21 April 2022 12:30-13:30

The last two years has seen unprecedented disruption in the modern world due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Businesses have had to adapt in order to survive.  As the CEO of FPM I had to lead the organisation and take responsibility for supporting my staff, members and wider organisation.  In 2017, Mckinsey consultancy wrote a report called The Five Trademarks of Agile Organisations.  I took the five trademarks and developed the FPM House of Agile.  In this webinar, I will share how I have used the House of Agile to sustain and grow FPM during the pandemic.
Dr Marcia Philbin is the Chief Executive of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine, the membership body for doctors who develop medicines.   After gaining her PhD in chemistry, she worked for different agencies of the Ministry of Defence before moving into postgraduate medical education.  Dr Philbin is a Fellow of the RSC and is a member of the Inclusion and Diversity Committee as well as the Management Group Special Interest Group. 
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