How to control spontaneous nucleation in continuous process conditions to obtain the correct crystal production

27 September 2022 14:00-15:00, United Kingdom

Secoya Technologies has developed a crystallization technology that relies on the control of spontaneous nucleation inside small tubular reactors of molecules in solution. Thanks to an excellent control of cooling conditions; antisolvent addition and mixing; optimized shear rates; and residence time, this patent pending technology permits to control how many crystals are formed per unit of time and volume. Given a suited collection and maturing of the formed crystals, narrow particle size distributions can be obtained, without the necessity of post-crystallization processing like grinding, milling, and sieving. Thanks to the well-defined thermodynamic pathways liquid solutions are subjected onto, polymorph selection is possible: the disconnection of nucleation and growth of the crystalline phase enables the targeted nucleation of metastable forms whereas the growth of stable forms can be then promoted. During the talk several practical examples at laboratory and pilot scale applications will be demonstrated.

United Kingdom

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Dr Fraser W Kerr
Astute Pharma Associates
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