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HYBRID EVENT: Royal Society of Chemistry Tokyo International Conference 2022 (RSC-TIC 2022): Cutting edge separation science

5 - 6 December 2022, Kanagawa, Japan

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and Japan Analytical Instruments Manufacturers’ Association (JAIMA) have successfully collaborated on Royal Society of Chemistry-Tokyo International Conference (RSC-TIC) since 2011.  RSC-TIC is annually organized during Japan Analytical & Scientific Instruments Show (JASIS), which has been one of the largest exhibitions of analytical and scientific instruments in the world.

The Royal Society of Chemistry Tokyo International Conference 2022 Organizing Committee  have decided to hold this annual conference as a hybrid event.  RSC-TIC 2022 focuses on “Cutting edge separation science" as the main topic. This year there will be talks by renowned researchers in person and online. 

For the poster session, we welcome contributions from any area of analytical science and technology as in previous years.
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Abstract Submission
A poster session covering all areas of analytical sciences and technologies, including for example the development and application of analytical instruments, sample preparation methods and data analysis among others, will be held at the Kawasaki Life Science and Environment Research Center (LiSE) and on the Internet.
  • We welcome submissions from academic, public institutional and industrial researchers.
  • We also welcome ongoing projects, and proposals of collaboration.
  • Each poster presenter will have a short "Flash Presentation" before the session.
  • Web-based poster presenters will be asked to send a video of the flash presentation (mp4 file) in advance.
Key dates:
Deadline to register for poster presentation - 30 September 2022
Deadline to submit poster abstract - 7 October 2022
Deadline for submiting flash presentation file - 18 November 2022
Kawasaki Life Science and Environment Research Center (LiSE)

First floor meeting room, Kawasaki Life Science and Environment Research Center (LiSE), 3 Chome 25-13 Tonomachi, Kawasaki Ward, Kawasaki, Kanagawa, 23100821, Japan

  • Hideaki Hisamoto, Chair Analyst, Associate Editor, Osaka Metropolitan University, Japan
  • Daniel Citterio, Co-chair RSC Fellow, Keio Univeristy, Japan
  • Akihide Hibara Tohoku University, Japan
  • Arinori Inagawa Utsunomiya University, Japan
  • Toru Ishikuma JAIMA, HORIBA Ltd., Japan
  • Kenji Ito Japan Analytical Instruments Manufacturers' Association, Japan
  • Koji Kawamura JAIMA, Komyo Rikagaku Kogyo K.K., Japan
  • Takashi Murakami SHIMADZU CORPORATION, Japan
  • Kiichi Sato Gunma University, Japan
  • Hisashi Sugisawa JAIMA, JEOL: Ltd., Japan
  • Philippa Ross Analyst, Executive Editor, RSC, United Kingdom
  • Antony Galea RSC Japan, Japan

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