Liquid-Liquid Extraction technology for continuous and batch chemical processes

25 October 2022 14:00-15:00, United Kingdom

Liquid-liquid Extraction (LLE) is an often overlooked process step that can lead to different bottlenecks during scale up and production of a wide range of pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals and specialty chemicals in both batch and flow. Often, this slow process requires waiting for a biphasic system to gravity separate out, a method that can take hours to days to accomplish.

In this talk, Zaiput’s continuous extraction-separation solution will be introduced comprising of a membrane-based continuous separation technology and a method for the development of mass transfer and separation for facile scaling of LLE. Importantly, this technology can be deployed equally well in both continuous and batch context delivering a number of advantages, leading to more efficient and effective processes.

The webinar will focus on how by combining in-line mass transfer with continuous membrane separation, inefficient batch extractions can now be carried out in significantly less time. Importantly, this methodology also doubles the capacity of the reactor, by taking the extractive step out of it, allowing practitioners to increase capacity while reducing the time necessary for workup  

United Kingdom

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Dr Fraser Kerr
Astute Pharma Associates Ltd
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