Charles Sell: "The Craft of Perfumery - a History"

19 October 2022 19:00-20:30

Arrangements for Charles Sell's presentation were started by Trevor Griffiths, but were then postponed as the pandemic started.  Unfortunately Trevor died before seeing his contribution.  Charles Sell is a well-respected author and perfumery expert.  Amongst many publications, he authored "Perfume in the Bible" (RSC Publishing) for which there is a link under "Further Event Details".  He is able to combine his scientific knowledge with his skills with non-scientists.  About our event in Ocober, he says "Creation of an aesthetically pleasing perfume is a work of art.  However, science and technology play an important role in providing the materials and methods for perfumers.  This talk will review the major advances in science and technology that have changed the way the perfumery industry has grown and developed over the last two millennia from its ancient origins to the present day."

The RSC Central Yorkshire Section plans to hold this event on Zoom, so that attendance is open to a diverse group of members.  We shall offer publicity throughout the RSC Northeast Region, but a broader group of members may see the event in Chemistry World and all will be welcome.  Places should be booked on Eventbrite, and of course if you don't book you won't receive the Zoom link shortly before the event!  Questions can be addressed to the Section Secretary, Richard Whewell.

This is an online event.

This is an online event.,

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