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Schools' Analyst Competition 2023

1 October 2022 00:00 - 16 June 2023 00:00, Online., United Kingdom


Sabotage at The County Bake Off!

The Schools' Analyst Competition is once again coming to schools and colleges for 2023, with teams looking to find out who is sabotaging entries at The County Bake Off. Apply now for a chance to receive one of 300 kits to be sent to schools in the UK and Ireland.*

The Challenge
The competition kits will allow teams of three students to compete against each other in an analytical challenge focusing on finding out what is causing the buns to burst and the cakes to collapse. This flexible challenge will offer students the chance to apply their chemistry knowledge in a fun and rewarding way, with individual sessions able to be scheduled to fit around your timetable.

The Teams
The competition is students approx. 16-17 years old equivalent to Year 12 in England and Wales, Y13 in Northern Ireland, S5 in Scotland or 5th Year in Republic of Ireland. Teams of up to three students must work together to solve the challenges, answer tough questions, and submit their answers to the online portal.

The Numbers
In a change to previous years, schools may ask for kits suitable for up to 25 teams to participate (up to 75 students in total).

The Reward
The winning team from each school will receive a certificate to recognise their achievement, but will also be entered into a second round against the other winning teams in your region for the chance to be crowned champions! Regional winners will also receive a prize for them and your school.

Important Information
  • Registration closes on Friday 24th February 2023.
  • By Friday 3rd March 2023, 300 entries will be selected at random to receive a box (this does mean not all entries are guaranteed to receive a box).
  • Boxes will be delivered to successful entrants by Friday 31st March 2023.
  • Results must be submitted by:
    • Republic of Ireland: Friday 19th May 2023.
    • UK: Friday 16th June 2023.
    • (The different submission dates are to ensure Republic of Ireland schools have the chance to award winners before breaking up for the summer.)
For more information, please contact the Competition Coordinator via the Contact Information link below.

To register your interest, click on the Book Now button at the top right of this listing.

* Please not due to shipping constraints the competition is not open to entrants outside of the UK and Ireland.
At your own school.

At your own school., Online submission., Online., -, United Kingdom

Organised by
Organised and delivered by Northumbria University, Newcastle.
Funded by RSC Analytical Sciences Community and the Analytical Chemistry Trust Fund.
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