BEP2023: Is it time for Planet B?

21 January 2023 10:00-17:00, Leeds, United Kingdom

Stephen Hawking proposed a doomsday scenario in which humanity might have as little as 100 years before leaving Earth, while Elon Musk does not want to wait for that long. Is this how we should confront existential threats to our presence on Earth, or is this a misleading and potentially dangerous or counterproductive direction of thought? Where lies our responsibility for the ecosystem that we depend on? Whatever the answer might be, the future of humanity depends on sound action and must not be left to speculative visions. Join a panel discussion covering a range of perspectives, including existential risk, planetary science, biodiversity, the future of humanity and anthropology.

Our hybrid panel discussion considers how to visualise humanity’s future. Do we fall for an idea of thinking that we can migrate to "Planet B", or do we need to care about our own Earth’s sustainability? This BEP2023 event features eminent international scientists from diverse disciplines who will give their own take on the everlasting quest for habitable alternatives to Earth as well as how to best care for our own planet's well-being. Followed by an audience discussion - this promises to be an extremely interesting and though provoking day. This free to attend event is being held both at Quarry Hill Campus, Leeds City College, Leeds, LS2 7BS, as well as ONLINE. Free to attend and open to all, with complimentary refreshments provided at the Leeds venue.   
Leeds City College, Quarry Hill Campus

Theatre, Leeds City College, Quarry Hill Campus, Playhouse Square, Leeds, LS2 7BS, United Kingdom

Organised by
NoRCEL (Network of Researchers on the Chemical Evolution of Life)
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