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Chemistry in the Movies -The good, the bad and the ugly.

17 February 2023 18:30-20:00, Belfast , United Kingdom

This short and snappy talk will take a scientific and filmographic look at how chemists and chemistry have been portrayed in the movies. It will use short clips and graphics to talk about the topic in an engaging and light-hearted format. The movies chosen for this discussion are based around a number of themes; problem solving, plot devices, chemical companies and people. Details about where and how to access the relevant movies will also be provided (Netflix, Disney, Amazon, YouTube, Apple etc).Please be aware that this talk is mainly aimed at adults and older teenagers since there are some references to movies and adult themes which are certified 15/16.

Join us for a glass of wine, nibbles and popcorn at 6.30pm. 

Please book for this free event through the Northern Ireland Science Festival.

If  you require more details please contact Diarmaid Hanna 

Dr John O’Donoghue is the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Education Coordinator in Ireland. On behalf of the RSC, he supports trainee and established science teachers through continuous professional development (CPD) and new resources. He is based at the School of Chemistry in Trinity College Dublin (TCD) where he teaches chemistry to non-science students.
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