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20 February 2023 09:00 - 24 February 2023 16:30, Mombasa , Kenya

Introduction to Food Safety systems. Food systems, food safety and international food trade Regulatory and policy issues in food safety (nontariff trade barriers, international food laws)Food contamination and Food safety Hazards Microbial, physical and chemical hazard
  • Food safety issues with biotechnology products
  • Future of Food safety systems
  • GMP and food safety regulation
  • Personnel Health and Hygiene
  • Risk assessment, risk management and risk communication
  • Food preservation, including irradiation and food packing
  • Cleaning Vs. Sanitation
  • Cleaning Process
  • Tools for cleaning Facility
  • Documentation and Monitoring
  • Permits
  • GFSI and Certification
  • Good manufacturing Practices
  • Contamination
  • General employee Highgiene
  • Food Handling practices
  • Groups of Hazards
  • Types of Hazards
  • Genetically modified organism (GMO) foods and food safety issue
  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP): Principles and practices
  • Introduction to the concepts of hazards and contamination
  • Illustrate examples of hazards
  • Control and elimination of hazards
  • Allergens
  • Personal hygiene, hand washing and PPE
  • Introduce the importance of hygiene
  • Review concepts of contamination (need hazard lesson as prerequisite)
  • Proper Attire and behaviors
  • Illness and injury
  • Hand washing procedures and when to wash hands and gloves
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