Operando Approaches for Advanced Materials Development 2023

27 March 2023 10:00-17:00, Cambridge, United Kingdom

This one-day symposium will focus on the latest advances in the use of operando techniques to gain deeper understanding of the growth, processing, functionality and performance of novel energy and device materials. Organised by Prof Stephan Hofmann, University of Cambridge, Director of NanoDTC, and Prof Robert Weatherup, University of Oxford, Royce Research Area Lead for Electrochemical Systems, this event aims to build an interdisciplinary network of researchers working on operando and in-situ methods and related data analysis and computationally aided optimisation approaches. We welcome you to join the event in person or to participate online.
  • Sense van der Molen Leiden University, United Kingdom
  • Tijmen Euser Cambridge University, United Kingdom
  • Patrick Unwin Warwick University, United Kingdom
  • Matthew Rosseinsky Liverpool University, United Kingdom
  • Murat Sivis Göttingen University, United Kingdom
  • Reshma Rao Imperial, United Kingdom
  • Alex Walton Manchester University, United Kingdom
  • Barbara Lechner München University, United Kingdom
  • Sven Schröder Leeds University, United Kingdom
  • Gabi Kaminski Cambridge University, United Kingdom

Sponsorship & supporting organisations
University of Oxford
University of Cambridge
Royce Institute
University of Leeds
Imperial College London
Nano DCT - Cambridge
Crausaz Wordsworth Building, Robinson College

Crausaz Wordsworth Building, Robinson College, Crausaz Wordsworth Building, Robinson College, Adams Road, Cambridge, CB3 9AD, United Kingdom

Organised by
University of Oxford
University of Cambridge
Royce Institute
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