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CHANGE OF DATE - More than just watching paint dry – marketing the innovative science of the coatings industry

17 January 2024 18:00-19:30, United Kingdom

CHANGE OF DATE - This meeting was due to take place on 16 November but has now been rearranged to 17 January 2024

Coatings, from paints and inks to wallcoverings and specialist coatings, are everywhere and are some of the most looked at, and some of the most overlooked, products of chemistry. The industry is made up of highly innovative chemistry-based companies researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing products which transform our world. Coatings is a major UK industrial sector, with 17% of the UK’s economy depending on coatings, and is a great industry in which chemistry graduates can apply their scientific creativity and learn business skills.
In this webinar Tom Bowtell, Chief Executive of the British Coatings Federation and Chair of the RSC Surface Coatings Group, will explain how coatings protect, enrich and enhance the beauty of the world around us, as well as enabling communication and self-expression. Coatings facilitate a cleaner, greener and more sustainable future by preventing metal from rusting, stopping barnacles from growing on ships to save 40% fuel and protecting all sorts of materials from decay and damage. And, without coatings and the colours and textures they bring, our lives, our houses and our environment would be all be the much duller.
The webinar is at 6pm on Wednesday 17 January 2024, and will be followed by a Q&A session.

United Kingdom

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