The Chemistry Communicators Challenge 2024

29 February 2024 18:00-20:30, London, United Kingdom

This year the themed talks are divided into three sections: 
  • Environment: how can Chemistry help to build a better ecosystem? How can we obtain more sustainable materials? What alternatives can Chemistry bring to have a more sustainable environment?
  • Economy: what alternatives to carbon fuel can Chemistry help to obtain? How can Chemistry help establish new energy resources and make them more affordable?
  • Society: how does Chemistry help society? What are the current developments in novel medicines? How is Chemistry helping to provide more sustainable cities? What innovative pedagogical methods are chemists using to reduce barriers and inspire new generations?
Audience: everyone is welcome
Speakers: aimed at Chemist teachers, technicians, undergraduate, postgraduate, PhD students and early career researchers in Chemistry. However, everyone is welcome.

Each speaker is given 10 minutes to present their topic with or without a PowerPoint presentation (no other visual aids permitted).  All the speakers must attend in person at Burlington House.
Prizes to be won: £300 for the winner and £150 for the run-up in each section.
Light refreshments will be provided to all who attend in person at Burlington House.
To apply: Please submit an abstract of your talk, in no more than 150 words (including 1 diagram if you choose), by midnight of the 31st of January. Please indicate which themed talk you are applying for by including the theme in your title. 
Terms & Conditions:
  • Applications that are not submitted by the deadline will not be considered for the event.
  • Applications that do not meet the criteria for submission will not be considered.
  • The organising committee, as well as the judge’s decision, are final in terms of submission and prize winners.
  • Depending on interest and attendance, themed topics may be merged on the day to include as many speakers as possible.
  • All attendees, with the exception of those taking part in the competition, need to pre-register.
  • Applicants and RSC members will be given priority at registration as numbers are limited. How to become an RSC member can be found using the link on this page:
Abstract Submission
Please submit your abstract here 
The Royal Society of Chemistry

Library Room, The Royal Society of Chemistry, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London, W1J 0BA, United Kingdom

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