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5th International solar fuels conference

2 - 5 September 2025, Newcastle, United Kingdom

The Royal Society of Chemistry is pleased to announce that the 5th International solar fuels conference is coming to the UK in 2025.

The first meeting of this internationally renowned conference was held in Uppsala, Sweden in 2015, and since then the meetings have been a highlight for the global solar fuels community. We are delighted to be hosting and organising this fifth iteration of the conference together with members of the local and international organising committees.

Save the dates! The conference will be held from 2-5 September 2025 and include Plenary and Keynote talks, contributed oral talks, poster sessions and more. A one-day event for early-career researchers will precede the main conference on 1 September 2025, providing an opportunity for all early-career researchers to present and share their work with peers.
We look forward to welcoming international researchers in all areas of solar fuels research to the UK in September 2025. More conference details will appear on this webpage as soon as we have them.


Solar fuels production is the use of sunlight to drive the formation of high energy molecules (e.g. H2, CH3OH, NH3) from abundant feedstocks (e.g. H2O, N2, CO2). The field of solar fuels has the potential to deliver carbon free fuels and chemicals with applications ranging from energy storage, heating, transportation and manufacturing.
Inorganic photocatalysts and photoelectrodes
The discovery and study of inorganic materials and molecules for light driven solar fuels and chemicals production
Organic photocatalysts and photoelectrodes
Devices and catalysts based on polymers and organic molecules
Electrocatalysis for sustainable fuels and chemicals
Advances in experimental and theoretical studies of electrocatalysis in integrated solar to X or power to X pathways. Including but not limited to water splitting, CO2 and N2 conversion
Biological and bioinspired solar fuels approaches
Biological systems, biohybrid systems and bioinspired systems
Advanced methods for the study and discovery of Solar to X materials
Approaches to discovery and mechanistic analysis, fundamental studies of existing materials to high throughput and digitally enabled discovery approaches
Devices to deployment
The science and engineering challenges around developing deployable devices and how they are measured/assessed
Frederick Douglass Centre

Frederick Douglass Centre, Newcastle University, Newcastle, NE4 5TG, United Kingdom

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