25th Congress on Isoprenoids

18 - 20 September 2024, Naples, Italy

The main purposes of the Conferences on Isoprenoids throughout these sixty years have been to promote research in the isoprenoid field at the interface of chemistry, biology, and medicine, with a great attention to industrial applications. The role of science is to contribute to the human progress and to overcome barriers. To this aim, the Isoprenoid conferences facilitate the networking and cooperation between researchers from different countries and provide a forum for the exchange of knowledge among scientists at all career stages in a friendly environment. The conferences have hosted many eminent scientists, including the late Kenji Mori and the Nobel Price laureates Derek H. R. Barton and Ryoji Noyori.All the previous Conferences in this series have been organized in Eastern Europe countries; thus, this is the first time that Italy hosts this event. The Italian scientific community has a long tradition in the study of natural products, and several highly active groups, with worldwide network of collaborations, are based in Naples and in the Campania Region.
The conference venue, with a beautiful location on the Naples seaside, close to the city center, will allow participants to enjoy a warm hospitality, the outstanding food and wine and the beauty of the Neapolitan coast. In summary, we are confident that the Naples Congress on Isoprenoids will be unforgettable and invite all of you to actively participate.
Sponsorship & supporting organisations
Società Italiana di Fitochimica
Unversity of Naples Federico II

Aula Magna Partenope, Unversity of Naples Federico II, Via Partenope 36, Naples, 80121, Italy

Organised by
Isoprenoid Society
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