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Sustainability – the way forward

7 February 2024 17:00-19:00, Keele, United Kingdom

Sustainability – the way forward
Your hosts Chrystelle Egger (Keele), Geoff Mackay (Industry) and Peter Calder (N.Staffs Local Section).

This is a preliminary workshop gathering steered by the RSC local section around Sustainability with 3 different types of stakeholders, i.e those from academy, industry and education. This should lead to a more robust agenda / partnerships to tackle this societal challenge of sustainability locally.  It should also help to reinvigorate the local section through meaningful and impactful activities.

It is envisaged that the meeting will comprise of a general introduction akin to speed dating (30 mins), A general focus on sustainability as seen by the participants (1 hour) and a general summing up (30 mins max).

Invited academics who have agreed to come to the workshop come from a variety of backgrounds including chemistry – outreach, medicinal chemistry, analytical chemistry & food fraud, renewable energy.

Questions to be explored within the groups could focus upon
(i)Identifying 3 sustainable challenges that are important to one’s workplace?
(ii) An awareness of other organisations tackling such challenges?
(iii) How could the local section of the RSC help with addressing these challenges?

It is envisaged that a further meeting in the summer would have further input from local teachers and those from industry.
Keele University - Chemistry Dept

The Central Science Laboratories , Keele University - Chemistry Dept, The Central Science Laboratories, Keele University, Keele, ST55BG, United Kingdom

  • Peter Calder North Staffs Local Section, United Kingdom

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