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16 - 18 December 2024, Hyderabad, India


CompFlu-2024 will be hosted by IIT Hyderabad and Indian Society of Rheology from 16th -18th December 2024.

Since 2002, the Complex Fluids meeting has served as a key scientific gathering for India's dynamic, vibrant and ever growing soft matter research community, bringing together academia and industry across various science and engineering disciplines. With over 500 participants, including regular international attendees, it has become a pivotal platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange.

We are pleased to extend a warm invitation to researchers from all fields, specializing in experimental, theoretical, or simulation aspects of soft matter, to participate in this event.

CompFlu-2024 will have research talks, poster sessions, flash talks, table talks, art in science & networking sessions. A pre-conference workshop is also planned on 14th & 15th December 2024. 

Proposed Technical Sessions

Polymers & composites 
Biological soft matter 
Colloids, emulsions & foams 
Active & responsive soft matter
Interfacial phenomena 
Rheology & constitutive modeling 
Membranes & thin films 
Granular flow 
Glasses & amorphous materials 
Sustainability in soft materials 
Multiphase flows 
Gels & networks 
Functional soft materials 
Microfluidics & microscale transport 
Industrial applications 

Miscellanous Sessions

Table talks 
Know your host 
Academia-industry collaboration 
Early career researcher talk
Art in Science

Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad

Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, (IITH), Hyderabad, 502284, India

Organised by
                                                  Anupam Gupta                Alan Ranjit Jacob       Balaji Iyer
                                                  Harish Dixit                     Himanshu Joshi         Mahesh Ganesan
                                                 Ramkarn Patne               Ranabir Dey                Ranajit Mondal
                                                 Satyavrata Samavedi     Suhail Rizvi                 Suhanya Duraiswamy

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