Insufficiency - a play by Carl Djerassi

6 October 2012, London, United Kingdom

This is a ChemNet Plus event for students aged 16-18.
We have 20 student tickets available for ChemNet Plus members to attend a special matinee of a new play by Carl Djerassi called Insufficency, preceded by a once in a lifetime opportunity to join a debate with Carl Djerassi himself.
Rivalry, revenge and…bubbles!
In this delightful new play, a comedy of scientific manners, mystery and suspense, Jerzy Krzyz is a Polish chemist with an unusual specialism. Bubbleology. (Yes, it's a serious scientific subject!). Newly arrived at an American university he is determined to secure a permanent post. But the other academics dismiss him and his subject. Their rivalry gets out of hand when he gives two colleagues who are blocking his appointment some experimental champagne - with deadly
consequences. Was it an accident…
or revenge?
Riverside Studios

Riverside Studios, Crisp Road, Hammersmith, London, United Kingdom

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