AMI's Agricultural Film 2012

6 - 8 November 2012, Madrid, Spain

The 5th AMI international conference on Agricultural Film will take place from the 6-8th November 2012 at the Hotel MeliĆ” Castilla in Madrid, the dynamic and cosmopolitan capital of Spain. The conference starts with an evening networking reception and exhibition on the 6th followed by a 2-day technical programme.

Water conservation and vastly improved crop production rates can be obtained with agricultural films. These plastics are found in greenhouse, tunnel, floating covers, mulch, silage and fumigation applications worldwide. These structures can assist in climate control for optimum horticultural conditions, in either dry and arid or icy regions. Horticulture is expanding in regions such as North Africa where there are reduced labour costs and maximising crop yield is vital for sustainable, economic growth. It is best to tailor the film specification to each application, to select the best plastic films and compounds for each location as factors such as UV resistance and pesticide use will determine the additives needed to ensure film longevity. For example, photoselective films can inhibit pest growth and enhance specific plant cultivation. In mulch film it may be more economic to use a biodegradable plastic, which reduces contamination of the soil and eliminates the need for recovery.

Agricultural Film 2012 brings together agricultural and horticultural cover specifiers, researchers, manufacturers and the supply chain to the industry. It provides a forum to network with professionals in this vital business, feeding the world.
Hotel Melia Castilla

Hotel Melia Castilla, Capitan Haya 43, Madrid, 28020, Spain

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