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International chemistry outreach

Dave Warren, outreach coordinator at the University of Otago, New Zealand, led a group of science communicators on an outreach programme across Malaysia and Taiwan

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A-level and AS-level results 2016

Our president offers his congratulations to students and teachers celebrating the culmination of years of hard work to achieve A-level and AS-level exam results

Volunteering in celebration of our 175th anniversary

At our 2016 annual general meeting in London this summer, we asked a number of people from our community for their thoughts on the importance of volunteering, in our 175th anniversary year.

Volunteering at the Bluedot Festival

Joshua Henshaw, sales account manager at BASF, Cheshire, spent his 175 minutes volunteering at a three-day science and music festival at Jodrell Bank Observatory.

Analysing Scottish exam results

Our president responds to results received by thousands of pupils across Scotland in their national examinations

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