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Wolfson Foundation
The Reach and Teach programme is supported by a grant of 900,000 from the Wolfson Foundation. The aim of the programme is to spark interest, challenge and excite students and provide an insight into the creativity and innovation that studying chemistry in higher education has to offer.

Reach and Teach will:

  • Stretch more able students to reach their full potential, by enriching and enhancing their learning experience using innovative learning tools.
  • Support teachers through broadening their knowledge base, enabling them to identify and nurture able students.
  • Encourage more students to study chemistry in Higher Education.          

Specific problems are encountered in chemistry in engaging, stretching and inspiring the brightest and the most talented students: 

  • Additional and alternative learning experiences that students can benefit from are required in chemistry. For example; independent learning, higher order thinking skills and sophisticated application of concepts. 
  • Insufficient specialist teachers or teachers without the confidence and enthusiasm to make chemistry exciting.
  • Poor awareness of the vast array of career opportunities that are open to those who study chemistry.

These problems can contribute to students not feeling inspired and enthusiastic about chemistry and can ultimately lead to the most able students being put off studying the subject further.          

The Reach and Teach programme will encourage interaction with over 3,500 teachers and over 22,000 students throughout the 3 year programme. Our ultimate aim is to nurture and encourage the growth and skills of young chemists to produce a new generation of enthusiastic and creative scientists ready to address the needs of society in the future.

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