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Past Industry Hour Events

27 September 2011, Holiday Inn, Oxford

Think small - entrepreneurial careers for chemists
Presentations from professionals offering a firsthand account of industrial experience, career  and a question and answer session

Dr Jamie Ferguson
Senior Technology Transfer Manager, ISIS Innovation, Oxford

Professor Mark Moloney
University of Oxford, Oxford

Dr John Murray
RespiVert, London

Dr Renate Krelle (Chair)
ISIS Innovation, Oxford

4 October 2011, The Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge

The commercial chemists - creating value outside of the lab!
This presentation aimed to address the options available to Chemists in a commercial setting. Inside the lab or outside - how do you know if its for you? Exploring 3 different career paths we explained the roles that we perform, how we reached those positions and where we saw opportunity to add value in our business with our chemistry experience and qualifications.

Mr Christian Jones
Business Development Manager, Dr Reddy's

Dr John Andrews
Project Delivery Leader, Dr Reddy's

Dr Chris Cobley
Chiral Technology Manager, Dr Reddy's

11 October 2011, Holiday Inn, Bristol

From academic polymer research to a commercial removable chewing gum

Prof. Terence Cosgrove
Chief Scientific Officer, Revolymer

15 November 2011 at the Jury's Inn, Edinburgh

A chemist in industry

Like most sectors, finding work in the chemical industry can, at times, be challenging.  With experience of being both a bench chemist as well as a line manager employing staff, I will share my thoughts on getting started in the industry as well as provide some useful tips and pointers from an employer's point of view.

Mr Anthony Crawshaw
LC and Chromeleon Technical Specialist, Dionex

29 November 2011 at the Crowne Plaza, Manchester

Knowledge transfer (and funding it) in the chemistry-using industries

New business and innovation ideas come from external relationships and knowledge. This talk will cover the knowledge transfer between academia and industry, funding routes to de-risk the process and how Chemistry Innovation can help. It will feature some case studies.

Dr Mike Pitts
Sustainability Manager, Chemistry Innovation Ltd