Breaking Bad

From 2011-2012 we published a number of articles looking at the science behind Breaking Bad.

These articles were part of the On-Screen Chemistry series published in InfoChem  and later in The Mole  - the Royal Society of Chemistry's magazine for students, and anyone inspired to dig deeper into chemistry.

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Downloadable Files

Poisoning gangsters with phosphine gas
Breaking Bad 1 - On-screen chemistry
PDF iconPDF (241k)  

Acid bath disposal of bodies
Breaking Bad 2 - On-screen chemistry
PDF iconPDF (209k)  

Thermite break-in
Breaking Bad 3 - On-screen chemistry
PDF iconPDF (970k)  

Can a little crystal blow up a room?
Breaking Bad 4 - On-screen chemistry
PDF iconPDF (476k)  

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The Mole

The Mole

Back issues of The Mole - the RSC's magazine for students and all those inspired to dig deeper into chemistry