University Technical Colleges – the future of science teaching?

4 April 2016  News

It's not just academies we'll be seeing more of in UK education, University Technical Colleges are expanding. We met Lord Baker to find out about these innovative but controversial schools


Chemistry degrees to be reintroduced at Swansea

24 March 2016 News

The university will offer chemistry to undergraduates for the first time since 2004

Chemistry exam leaks anger Indian students

28 April 2016 News

A number of examinations have been rendered null and void after evidence emerges of cheating

A student’s perspective on practicals

11 March 2016 Education

How do students think about learning?

Making Wikipedia work for students  

Training to develop a critical eye

Snow soaks up pollutants from engine exhausts  

Air quality regulators should consider freezing temperatures and snow

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What does the word chemical mean to you?

11 March 2016 Feature

Katherine Haxton discusses a recent survey about the public’s perception of chemistry

Learning to write in chemistry  

Michael Seery highlights the importance of carefully-designed writing activities in enabli...

A centre of excellence  

What can be learned from the Bristol ChemLabS centre for excellence in teaching and learni...

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All about skills

Practical skills and literacy skills – our students need them all


Improving lectures and writing the curriculum

Discussions from the magazine, blog, website and social media


CVs for the 21st century

Michael Seery explains how digital badges can enrich students’ CVs