The language of chemistry

4 May 2016  Feature

Tom Husband gives an insider’s view of teaching chemistry to students for whom English is not their first language


How do you think you got on?

12 May 2016 Education

Helping students to monitor their understanding

Learning from others

12 May 2016 Education

A tool to teach academic writing skills

Chemists identify taste ‘blueprint’ for parmesan cheese

12 May 2016 Science

The compounds that make the Italian cheese unique have been pinpointed by food scientists

RSC education awards 2016  

Prizes go to a teacher, a lecturer, a technician and a researcher

How CLUE-d up are you?  

Monitoring skills development

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Exploring UK fracking emissions concerns

4 May 2016 Feature

Elinor Hughes drills down into how scientists are checking potential greenhouse gas and radioactive emissions from the hydra...

The origin of life  

How did molecules turn into living organisms? Paul MacLellan investigates

Learning gains  

Ross Galloway and Simon Lancaster discuss the challenge of quantifying students’ learnin...

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Bringing research into the classroom

Developing teaching and learning skills


Demonstrations, recording lectures and past papers

Discussions from the magazine, blog, website and social media


Professional support for all

What do policing and teaching have in common? Rachel Tuffin explains how two fledgling professional bodies can use evidence to support their members