The lignin challenge

21 December 2015  Feature

Elinor Hughes investigates how scientists are hoping to use biomass waste to produce valuable chemicals


A professional body for teaching

27 January 2016 News

Angela McFarlane believes that what the teaching profession needs is its own professional body. That’s why she is one of th...

Technician injured in explosion

13 January 2016 News

Reagent bottles

A Bristol school has been fined for failure to ensure the safety of its employees

Science marks out excellence

7 December 2015 News


Award scheme launched to recognise excellence in secondary science education

For the sake of argument  

Developing conceptual understanding of chemical equilibrium

How real is real?  

Student engagement with virtual experiments

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Challenging concepts in chemistry

21 December 2015 Feature

Andy Chandler-Grevatt introduces threshold concept mastery tasks for A-level

Is relativity creating cracks in the periodic table?  

Mike Follows shows how relativity has affected gold and mercury, and asks if will it affec...

Africa’s gift to the world  

Raymond Cooper and Jeffrey Deakin explain how a tiny plant from Madagascar, known as the...

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What is education for?

Is this the right question?


Research, limestone and GCSEs

Discussions from the magazine, blog, website and social media


Lessons from other countries

Tim Oates looks at what we can learn from international comparisons