context based learning

Putting chemistry in context

6 November 2015  Feature

Michael Seery turns the traditional teaching ladder on its side, and suggests that context-based learning may better suit students’ needs


Organic confusion

6 November 2015 Education

Organic reaction mechanisms

Rote memorising v deep understanding

From chemistry to biochemistry

6 November 2015 Education


Applying knowledge in new contexts

Chemistry World science communication competition 2015–16

1 October 2015 News

Faraday theatre

Opportunity to present in the Faraday lecture theatre at the Royal Institution

Understanding DNA repair – 2015 Nobel prize in chemistry  

Recipients discovered how cells can patch up damaged DNA

HEFCE identify demand for taught postgraduate courses  

Targeted funding will particularly help disadvantaged students

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Primary discoveries

6 November 2015 Feature

outreach teaching

David Overton and Tina Overton investigate a collaboration between chemistry students and teaching students to deliver less...

All set for chemistry  

Chemistry sets through the years have both weathered and reflected many changes in science...

Chemistry in the museum  

Ruth Jarman opens the eyes of trainee teachers to opportunities to help students learn ch...

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Understanding education

Raising awareness of teaching and learning opportunities all around us


Reading, models and evaluations

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Is education research important?

David Read calls for us to engage with education research and enrich our teaching practice

David Read