First student-designed lab opened

25 August 2016  News

Students in Birmingham see their designs become reality


The Education in Chemistry app

26 January 2015 News

The magazine is now available on iOS and Android and also in a web reader version.

The value of modelling molecules

10 August 2016 Education

Challenge of visual-spatial representations

Gold nanoclusters offer route to better vaccines

12 August 2016 Science

New technique improves immune response and safety of hepatitis E vaccine

Solar-powered desalination produces energy  

Nanocomposite helps to produce drinking water and fuel

What influences future science study?  

Study beyond GCSE linked to confidence and perceptions

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Making chemical language easy

15 August 2016 Feature

Ann Marie Farrell and Michael Seery consider how to meet students’ language and literacy needs within chemistry

To boldly go where no analytical instrument has gone before  

Nina Notman meets the chemist behind the mass spectrometer onboard the Philae lander

The stories behind the words  

Simon Rees reveals the origins of some chemical terms and what they can mean for students

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The many facets of language

Good communication unlocks understanding


Acids, bases, resources and more

Discussions from the magazine, blog, website and social media


Community or clique?

Charles Harrison implores us to welcome new blood and ideas into the chemistry education community