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Dr Robert D. Eagling


Robert studied chemistry with medicinal chemistry at Newcastle University in 1993. After completing his first degree in 1996 he started his Ph.D at Newcastle University under the supervision of Dr Andrew Houlton and Dr Ben Horrocks investigating the reactivity of hydrogen-terminated silicon surfaces. He started work at the Royal Society of Chemistry in 2001 as a trainee assistant editor on Perkin Transactions 1  and  2, gaining experience also on the Journal of Materials Chemistry  and Dalton Transactions. He was promoted in 2002 to deputy editor of Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry  where he helped to successfully launch the journal in January 2003. In June 2003 he moved to the books team as a commissioning editor, where in an 18 month period he successfully commissioned high profile authors such as Philip Ball and Professor Ram Rao. In January 2005, he became Editor of Chem Soc RevAnnual Reports  and Specialist Periodical Reports, where his key responsibility was to commission high quality review content. Most recently he has been promoted to Editor of the RSC's Flagship journal collection, Chemical Communications and Chem Soc Rev.  He also responsible for the launch of the new journal Chemical Science which will compliment both ChemComm  and Chem Soc Rev with regards to article style and subject coverage. Outside of work Robert is a family man who enjoys spending time with his wife, son and daughter.