New Journal of Chemistry

1.0 Scope and Standards 

New Journal of Chemistry  (NJC) is a broad-based primary journal encompassing all branches of chemistry and its sub-disciplines. It contains full research articles and letters and opinions. This well-established journal, owned by the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) of France, has been co-published with the RSC since January 1998. 


2.0 Article types 

2.1 Full papers 
Full papers contain original and significant work that is likely to be of wide general appeal or exceptional interest in its specialised area. However, work that has appeared in print in a short form such as an NJC Letter or Chemical Communication is normally acceptable. 

2.2 Letters 
NJC Letters are concise articles which report results of immediate interest to the chemistry community: they may be complete publications, though a subsequent paper may be justified, and should contain a brief experimental section. 

2.3 Perspectives 
Perspectives are brief reviews giving the personal viewpoint of a leading scientist in their area of research, setting it in the context of the work of others and looking forward to future developments. In some cases, pairs of collaborating scientists from different disciplines are invited to each give their own perspective on their common field of research in order to demonstrate the benefits of collaborative research and facilitate dialogue between communities. The majority of Perspectives are invited by the Editorial Office, however suggestions of suitable Perspectives in the form of a brief synopsis and biography of the author, are welcome. 

2.4 Focus
Focus articles centre on a specific topic, giving a personal view and a critical evaluation of the current state of knowledge. These short articles summarise the key results, the work currently being done, the challenges ahead and how the field is evolving.