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This course is a classroom-based course covering all the practical theory about Gas Chromatography and its related techniques including gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. This course is packed full of examples and practical tips, makes full use of props (instrument parts and consumables which are handled and used for demonstration purposes), includes questions throughout the course and a Questions and Answers session at the end of each day making it the course to attend for lots of useful GC knowledge.

The 5-day Complete course is made up of the 3-day Practical Essentials of GC & GC-MS course which focuses on the theory, followed by the 2-day GC & GC-MS Clinic focusing on method development, troubleshooting and maintenance with an introduction to advanced GC & GC-MS techniques. Delegates can choose to attend the whole 5 days, the 3 or 2-day course or can attend individual days to improve knowledge in a particular area.

The Practical Essentials of GC & GC-MS course topics include:
An introduction to GC and GC-MS;
Gases and plumbing from the source to the instrument including different gas types, control and carrier gas modes of operation;
Sample introduction discussing the inlet parts, hot and cold injections and different injection techniques such as split, splitless, on-column, the various large volume injections and gas sampling valves;
Analytical columns discussing the theory, types of columns, oven temperature programming, use of retention gaps and backflushing;
GC detectors discussing a variety of universal and specific detectors, including the flame ionisation detector (FID), electron capture detector (ECD), thermal conductivity detector (TCD), sulfur chemiluminescence detector (SCD), etc.;
Mass selective detectors including the theory, vacuum, various ionisation techniques, various mass analysers including single quad, triple quad, ToF, MS/MS, etc., detectors and the transfer line;
Data analysis including qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques;
Sampling techniques including headspace, SPME, pyrolysis, thermal desorption, purge & trap, liquid-liquid and solid-phase extraction, derivatisation and liquid autosamplers.

During the final 2 days, the The GC & GC-MS Clinic course looks at how to choose the GC & GC-MS techniques for an application, set-up the instrument, how to develop & optimise methods, the steps in method validation and the benefits of accreditation, and then finally how to maintain & troubleshoot the instrument, techniques and method. Practical method development case studies and troubleshooting chromatograms test the delegate's knowledge. It also takes a brief look at advanced techniques to help solve those very tricky applications including Mass Spectral Interpretation, Selective Discrimination, Fast GC, Deconvolution, Two-Dimensional GC (GC+GC & GCxGC) and Chemometrics.

At the end of the course the delegate will have in-depth knowledge, from the practical point of view, of gas chromatography and those techniques related to GC and a good understanding of the importance of good chromatography, including how to go about method development and validation. They will know how to select the sampling technique, carrier gas, sample introduction technique, column and GC detector or mass spectrometer and then know how to undertake data analysis. They will also know what areas of the instrument require maintenance and the logical steps in troubleshooting.

Please note, this is a classroom-based course only and does not include any hands-on experience in the laboratory.


The Complete GC & GC-MS course is for those who have a basic knowledge of gas chromatography and would like to greatly enhance it, learning the practical theory about all available GC & GC-MS techniques. Beginners should attend the Absolute Basics first.

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Includes: lunch and refreshments; hardcopy of the training manual in colour; glossary on GC & GC-MS terms; certificate of attendance; ability to discuss own problems.



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5 days


£1120.00 GBP (plus VAT)

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Anthias Consulting Limited



+44 (0)1480 831262

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