175 Faces of Chemistry

Professor Pratibha Gai in front of her microscope
Professor Sason Shaik
John Cornforth CBE FRS
Peter Gallant
Charles West

Celebrating diversity in science

175 Faces of Chemistry was launched on the 15 October 2012 by Professor Lesley Yellowlees, the RSC's first female president and a vocal campaigner for equality and diversity in all its various forms.

Over the 175 weeks leading up to the RSC's 175th anniversary on the 23 February 2016, 175 ambassadors and role models for future generations of scientists will be featured.

175 Faces of Chemistry will be the central strand to a series of RSC activities aimed at highlighting and celebrating the diversity of the individuals, both past and present, who have helped to shape chemistry and science as a whole.

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Welcome from the President

Professor Lesley Yellowlees"I am delighted to see the launch of the 175 Faces of Chemistry initiative. It is my aim to use the RSC presidency to promote equality and diversity issues, and this project will make an important contribution towards achieving this goal."

Supporting diversity

The RSC is involved in a host of activities to support diversity and encourage inclusion throughout the chemical sciences.