175 Faces of Chemistry

Kelly Chibale
Elspeth Finch
Frederick Soddy
Aaron Gamboa
Craig LeHoullier with tomatoes
Hala Al-Easa

Celebrating diversity in science

175 Faces of Chemistry was launched by Professor Lesley Yellowlees, our first female president and a vocal campaigner for equality and diversity within the chemical sciences, on 15 October 2012.

Leading to our 175th anniversary on 23 February 2016, we will profile 175 different scientists who represent diversity in its broadest sense. We aim to celebrate the diversity of individuals within our community who have helped shape chemistry and science as a whole both past and present and identify role models and ambassadors for the future generation of chemists.

We are dedicated in growing an inclusive environment within the chemical science community and build on the skills, knowledge and experience of early career chemists through to established chemists regardless of gender, age, disability, career pathway or social, ethnic or financial background.

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Welcome from Lesley Yellowlees

Professor Lesley Yellowlees"I am delighted to see the launch of the 175 Faces of Chemistry initiative. It is my aim to use the RSC presidency to promote equality and diversity issues, and this project will make an important contribution towards achieving this goal."

Supporting diversity

The RSC is involved in a host of activities to support diversity and encourage inclusion throughout the chemical sciences.