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Briony Marshall sculpting
Briony Marshall

Biochemist-turned-sculptor, Briony uses sculpted human figures to replace chemists’ ball-and-stick models in her recent piece, DNA: helix of life.

When she was five years old, Briony Marshall decided she was going to be an artist. Three decades later, Marshall is now a sculptor based in London, UK. But although she has achieved her ambition, the journey hasn’t been straightforward, and the figures that now fill her works show traces of her former life.

Despite her love of art, when Marshall left school she decided to study science at the University of Oxford. "I was good at science," says Marshall, "so I was encouraged to do an academic degree rather than an art degree." Marshall chose biochemistry, which she felt was an up-and-coming area: "It seemed to be one of the most exciting sciences where real developments were being made."

This is an extract from a Chemistry World article by Manisha Lulloo. Read the full article here.

Images © Christopher Tribble

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