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Annette Doherty
Dr Annette Doherty OBE FRSC

As senior vice president of product development at GSK, Annette combines her love of chemistry with her interest in pharmacy.

Annette’s chemistry teacher sparked her initial excitement in chemistry – so much so that she was thinking about going into teaching herself. But when she came to the end of her degree course, she was fascinated by research and chose to do a PhD in organic chemistry instead.

Wanting to apply the science she had learnt to something that people needed, she decided to go into the pharmaceutical industry. After having lived and worked in the USA, France and the UK, she currently works at GlaxoSmithKline, where she is senior vice president of product development in pharmaceutical research and development.

Her work focuses on taking molecules that have been identified as drug candidates and converting them into medicines. She says that one of the key things that drive her on a day-to-day basis is the fact that she is developing new medicines for patients who are desperately waiting for new treatments.

In her video, she tells more about her inspiration, the ups and downs of doing research and the reward of inspiring others.

Video © Knuckle TV/ Royal Society of Chemistry and edited by Gary Jobson
Published August 2015

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