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Dr Helen Neville FRSC

Fascinated by the life applications of chemistry at a young age, Helen is now vice-president of research and development for P&G.

Helen NevilleWhen Helen's chemistry teacher told her that hydrogen bonding in water is the reason that there is life on earth, she became fascinated by the subject. She chose to study chemistry at university and, knowing that she would like to work in industry, went on to obtain a PhD in synthetic organic chemistry.

However, instead of moving into the pharmaceutical or agrochemical industry like she had originally thought, Helen started working for consumer product company Procter and Gamble. She has held several different positions at P&G in the UK, Germany and Belgium. In her current role as vice-president of research and development, she oversees the packaging of the company's products.

In her video, Helen tells more about seeing people buy the products she has worked on in the supermarket, combining a career in chemistry with family life, and working at P&G.

Words and interview by Annika Grandison
Video © Knuckle TV/ Royal Society of Chemistry
Images courtesy of Helen Neville
Published May 2013

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