175 Faces of Chemistryhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/Professor Lesley Yellowlees CBE HonFRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/professor-lesley-yellowlees-honfrscProfessor of inorganic chemistry at the University of Edinburgh, Lesley promoted inclusion and diversity when president of the Royal Society of Chemistry from 2012–2014.Bill Bryson OBE HonFRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/bill-brysonBill is renowned for his contribution to science communication and is the first non-Briton to become an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society.Heston Blumenthal OBE HonFRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/heston-blumenthalHeston coined the term ‘Multi-sensory cooking’ to describe his scientific approach to cuisine.Dr Robert Parker CSci CChem FRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-robert-parker-csci-cchem-frscCEO of the Royal Society of Chemistry since 2011, Robert, has been a firm supporter of diversity within the scientific community. Madeleine Jacobshttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/madeleine-jacobsMadeleine is president and CEO of the Council of Scientific Society Presidents and former CEO of the American Chemical Society.Dr Suze Kundu MRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-suze-kundu-mrscSuze is a previous winner of ‘I’m a Scientist’, a competition where school students get to meet, interact with, and vote for their favourite scientists. Professor Mildred Cohnhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/professor-mildred-cohnMildred Cohn’s pioneering use of NMR for the study of enzyme reactions led to her receiving the National Medal of Science. George Washington Carverhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/george-washington-carverGeorge Washington Carver received the Spingarn Medal from the NAACP for his research into alternative crops, improving the lifestyle in farming communities.Dr Ifat Parveen Shah MRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-ifat-parveen-shah-mrscIfat leads a research group at Aberystwyth University, and shares her enthusiasm through the Widening Participation and Social Inclusion programme. Dr Rakeshwar Bandichhor CChem FRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-rakeshwar-bandichhor-frsc-0Rakeshwar’s passion for pharmaceutical chemistry has taken him to institutions around the world, and eventually back to his home country, India. Deepika Kuruphttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/deepika-kurupSince creating her first water purification system at only 14 years old, Deepika has received a number of prizes for her work. Professor Saiful Islam CChem FRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/saiful-islamSaiful works on clean energy materials and is passionate about promoting diversity and bringing science to people of all backgroundsProfessor Motaza Khater FRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/professor-motaza-khaterInspired by Marie Curie, Motaza became a co-founder and vice president of the Federation of African Societies of Chemistry. Professor Chunli Bai HonFRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/professor-chunli-bai-honfrscFascinated with chemistry and academia since childhood, president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Chunli uses his experience to help the next generation. Denise Connerhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/denise-connerDenise is co-founder of Out in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (oSTEM), a society that empowers LGBT communities within science. Dr Neil Brough http://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/neil-broughAntarctica-based atmospheric chemist Neil carries out cutting-edge research in one of the world’s most extreme environments. Sannia Farooque http://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/sannia-farooquePhD student, Sannia, returned to education through an Access to Higher Education course after years of running the family business in Pakistan.Helen Sharman CChem HonFRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/helen-sharmanAfter studying chemistry, Helen embarked on a career that led her from manufacturing chocolate to becoming the first Briton in space. Professor Kelly Chibale FRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/professor-kelly-chibale-frscKelly has founded two drug discovery centres in the University of Cape Town to develop medicines to treat endemic African diseases.Elspeth Finch http://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/elspeth-finchElspeth’s interest in applying science to practical problems led her to co-found Intelligent Space, which models pedestrians in the built environment.Frederick Soddy http://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/frederick-soddyFrederick Soddy – a progressive, unconventional thinker and chemist – was the first to discover the existence of isotopes. Dr Sergio Aaron Gamboa Martinez http://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-sergio-aaron-gamboa-martinezLiving in a Catholic monastery for two years, Aaron realised his calling through prayer and now works in chemical manufacturing. Dr Craig LeHoullierhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-craig-lehoullierCraig’s training as a chemist was instrumental to his success as a tomato expert following his retirement from the lab. Professor Hala Sultan Saif Al-Easahttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-hala-sultan-saif-al-easaHala shares her enthusiasm for chemistry as head of chemistry at Qatar University and president of the Qatar Chemical Society. Professor Jacqueline Akhavan CChem FRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/professor-jacqueline-akhavan-cchem-frscHead of the Centre for Defence Chemistry at Cranfield University, Jacqueline, researches, teaches about and consults on all aspects of explosives. Greg Foothttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/greg-footAs a presenter on TV, stage and YouTube, Greg nurtures children’s innate curiosity for science. Dr Cinthia Mena-Durán http://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-cinthia-mena-duranFunding her way through education by working all hours, Cinthia works to improve the teaching system in Mexican public schools.Professor David Evans OBE CSci CChem FRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/professor-david-evans-obe-csci-cchem-frscTwenty years ago, David’s research took him to Beijing, where he has since set up a chemistry outreach programme for migrant children. Dr Anne Walton CChem FRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-anne-walton-frscAnne, a member of an organisation that educates and empowers women, has spent her career advocating for women in science. Rosalind Franklinhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/rosalind-franklinRosalind Franklin pioneered the discovery of the structure of DNA, but died before she knew about the impact of her work. Kerry O’Donnellyhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/kerry-odonnellyKerry is a PhD student at Imperial College London who co-created FungiAlert, a device that alerts farmers to crop disease.Stephanie Kwolekhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/stephanie-kwolekAmerican-Polish chemist Stephanie invented Kevlar®, the material used to make bulletproof vests and body armour.Professor Luiz Carlos Dias FRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/professor-luiz-carlos-dias-frscWhilst studying administration, Luiz developed a love of chemistry that led him to a career in researching neglected diseases.Dr Natasha Ramroop Singhhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-natasha-ramroop-singhNatasha is an assistant professor and programme coordinator of the bio-medical engineering unit at the University of Trinidad and Tobago. Dr Hanadi Hassan-Nixonhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-hanadi-hassan-nixonWith the support of a Daphne Jackson Trust Fellowship, Hanadi returned to research after a 12-year career break.Mark Smith CSci CChem MRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/mark-smith-csci-cchem-mrscHaving retired early due to mental illness, Mark is now a consultant and an advocate for inclusion in the workplace.Dr Darrin Disleyhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-darrin-disleyFootballer-turned-entrepreneur, Darrin combined his interest in chemistry and experience with companies to found a number of successful technology businesses.Ellen Swallow Richardshttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/ellen-swallow-richardsIndustrial and environmental chemist Ellen Swallow Richards was a pioneer in sanitary engineering and domestic science. Louise Harrishttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/louise-harrisDrawn to chemistry because of its applications in health, Louise went on to become a project manager in her mid-20s.Dr Vivek Polshettiwar FRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-vivek-polshettiwar-frscVivek’s research took him to Europe, the USA and the Middle East before he returned to his home country, India.Kath Whittaker FRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/kath-whittaker-frscKath’s curiosity for chemistry began on a Cheshire farm and led her to a career in the food and beverage industry.Dr Lakshmy Ravishankarhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-lakshmy-ravishankarAssociate professor Lakshmy supports student passion for chemistry with her magazine Vaze Chemica.Dr Henry Aaron Hillhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-henry-aaron-hillHenry Aaron Hill became the first African American president of the American Chemical Society.Dr Eleanor Schofieldhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-eleanor-schofieldAs conservation manager for the Mary Rose, Eleanor builds bridges between science, history and archaeology.Professor Rachel Lloydhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/professor-rachel-lloydOne of the first American women to gain a PhD, Rachel Lloyd made significant contributions to sugar beet farming.Dr Annette Doherty OBE FRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-annette-doherty-obe-frsc-0As senior vice president of product development at GSK, Annette works to take molecules that have been identified as drug candidates and convert them into medicines. Edward L. Youmanshttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/edward-l-youmansEdward L Youmans, the founder of Popular Science magazine, strove to popularise chemistry.Dr Randhir Tindal CChem FRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-randhir-tindal-cchem-frscRandhir, who fell in love with chemistry during her PhD, works as quality manager at early-stage medical device company Oxtex.Emily Toftshttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/emily-toftsEmily is on the Civil Service Science and Engineering Fast Stream, where she uses her knowledge of chemistry to influence government policy.Fiona Porter http://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/fiona-porterFollowing a Nuffield research placement in industry, MChem student Fiona won a place on the London International Youth Science Forum.Dame Barbara Stocking DBEhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dame-barbara-stocking-dbeAs president of Murray Edwards College, Cambridge, Barbara works towards making it an attractive place for women to study STEM subjects.Craig Donoghuehttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/craig-donoghueWith a background in industry, Craig is now doing a PhD at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine, Barcelona.Dr Kogularamanan Suntharalingam MRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-kogularamanan-suntharalingam-mrscAfter coming to London as a refugee, Rama studied in the UK and the US, and is now setting up his own research group.Professor Rafael Luque MRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/professor-rafael-luque-mrscRafael is one of Spain’s most successful young entrepreneurs, balancing his academic research with running his own company.Dr Olugbenga Solomon Bello http://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-olugbenga-solomon-belloAssociate professor at Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Olugbenga’s career journey inspired him to become a mentor.Dr Thulani Dlaminihttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-thulani-dlaminiThulani was first exposed to science at secondary school and now develops materials and processes at petrochemical company, Sasol.Maggie Philbinhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/maggie-philbin-0Maggie’s enthusiasm to understand how things work underpins her career in science communication, which includes founding TeenTech in 2008.Dr Andrew Szydlo DIC ACGI CChem FRSC http://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-andrew-szydlo-dic-acgi-cchem-frscAndrew brings chemistry to life with his spectacular demonstrations, public lectures and TV appearances. Dr Jamie Gallagher MRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/jamie-gallagher-mrscScientist, engineer and science communicator, Jamie is also a salsa teacher and part-time comic.Lorelly Wilson CSci CChem FRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/lorelly-wilson-csci-cchem-frscThrough her company, Chemistry with Cabbage, Lorelly uses everyday scenarios to make chemistry interesting for children and adults.Professor Anthony Gachanja CSci CChem FRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/professor-anthony-gachanja-csci-cchem-frscAs a professor of chemistry in Nairobi, Anthony works to advance analytical chemistry in Sub-Saharan Africa. Dr Steve Lancaster CChem FRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-steve-lancaster-cchem-frscLeaving school at 16, Steve worked as a lab technician while studying for his HNC in chemistry before going on to university. Professor Jane Clarke FRSC FMedScihttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/professor-jane-clarke-frsc-fmedsciAfter teaching for 14 years, Jane found her passion in the study of protein folding; she returned to university, and now runs a research group.Tom Hollowayhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/tom-hollowayAfter being inspired by stargazing with his dad, Tom now enthuses our next generation of scientists as a teacher and science lead.Derek Hill MPhil CChem MRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/derek-hill-mphil-cchem-mrscWhile working as a technician at the Wellcome Foundation, Derek gained his chemistry qualifications through day-release and night school.Dr Mike Foulkes CChem MRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-mike-foulkes-cchem-mrscA vocational route through his chemistry career led Mike to becoming a lecturer and admissions tutor at the University of Plymouth.Joe Turtonhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/joe-turtonJoe believes that his apprenticeship at the Food and Environment Research Agency gave him the best possible start to a chemistry career.Professor Tom Welton CChem FRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/professor-tom-welton-cchem-frscTom works in the field of sustainable chemistry, and champions inclusivity and diversity, both in his department and the wider community.John Gleeson MRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/john-gleesonJohn won the Royal Society of Chemistry’s ‘Take 1…minute for chemistry in health’ competition for his video Harvesting Food for Health.Dr Leonard Winning CChem MRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-leonard-winning-mrsc-0Head of chemistry Leonard overcame the initial challenges of teacher training with the help of a supportive mentor. Judith Buntinghttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/judith-buntingJudith’s career has taken her from the lab to politics; she focuses on bringing science to a wide audience, and creating a fairer society and stronger economy.Jesse Boothttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/jesse-bootTaking on his father’s legacy, Jesse Boot transformed a small family business into the nationwide chain we know today as Boots.Holly Redmanhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/holly-redman-0Holly forged her career as a chef and restaurant owner from a love of chemistry that was inspired by her science teacher.Dr Adrian V Stokes OBE CSci CChem MRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-adrian-v-stokes-obe-csci-cchem-mrscAdrian has been disabled since birth, as a result of spina bifida, and is involved with a number of organisations supporting disabled people.Dr Julian Huppert MP FRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-julian-huppert-mp-frscNow a politician, Julian uses his scientific background to influence science policy; he has also campaigned for additional funding to support disadvantaged students.Ncoza Dlova MBChB FCDermhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/ncoza-dlova-mbchb-fcdermSouth African dermatologist Ncoza uses chemistry to challenge skin-lightening product misuse through educating consumers and ensuring compliance with legislation.Babatunde Okesola MRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/babatunde-okesola-0Babatunde’s passion for chemistry research was rewarded when he received the University of York’s Kathleen Mary Scott Prize for his PhD work.Dr David Pricehttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-david-priceDavid survived a brain tumour, but has reduced vision and motor control; he found his employer’s support invaluable in his rehabilitation.Dr Jim Ballantine CChem FRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-jim-ballantine-cchem-frscAs teacher, academic and researcher, Jim Ballantine was a lifelong promoter and communicator of chemistry.Professor Paul Walton CChem FRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/professor-paul-walton-cchem-frscPaul is a vociferous supporter of gender equality, and has spoken internationally on diversity issues.Dr Peter Wothers MBE FRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-peter-wothers-mbe-frscA teaching fellow at the University of Cambridge, Peter is heavily involved in outreach work.Agnes Pockelshttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/agnes-pockelsWith no formal training in chemistry, Agnes Pockels initially carried out experiments in her kitchen, later being recognised as a pioneer of surface science.Norbert Rillieuxhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/norbert-rillieuxNorbert Rillieux revolutionised sugar refining; the impact of his technology can be seen today in the recycling procedure on the International Space Station.Briony Marshallhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/briony-marshall-0Biochemist-turned-sculptor, Briony uses sculpted human figures to replace chemists’ ball-and-stick models in her recent piece, DNA: helix of life. Dr Nazira Karodia CChem FRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-nazira-karodia-cchem-frscNazira works on the GENOVATE project, which aims to transform organisational culture for gender equality in research and innovation.Dr Gabriel Cavallihttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-gabriel-cavalliAs well as researching bio-nanotechnology and nanomedicine, and mentoring his students, Gabriel is an active member of Surrey University’s LGBT networks.Professor Sir Martyn Poliakoff CBE CChem FRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/sir-martyn-poliakoff-cbe-cchem-frsc-frsMartyn has been widely recognised for his work in green and sustainable chemistry, as well as his role as an ambassador for UK science.Dr Steve Acquah CSci CChem MRSC FRMShttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-steve-acquah-csci-cchem-mrsc-frmsSteve adopts new technologies to improve communication – for example, using Google Glass to help people with hearing impairments.Kevin Theisenhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/kevin-theisen-0Kevin created ChemDoodle, a computer software tool for drawing chemical structures, becoming director of his own company at 27 years old. Robert Angus Smithhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/robert-angus-smithRobert Angus Smith was the first chief inspector of the Alkali Inspectorate, formed to control industrial emissions; he became known as the ‘father of acid rain’.Dr Gayle Harrisonhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-gayle-harrisonGayle chose chemistry partly because there were so few women in science; now she finds her approach to the subject works for marketing too.Professor Annie Bligh CSci CChem FRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/professor-annie-bligh-csci-cchem-frscAnnie promotes collaboration between the UK and China, with her focus on research into Chinese medicines. Professor Mary Garson CChem FRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/professor-mary-garson-cchem-frscProfessor of chemistry at the University of Queensland, Mary carries out research on bioactive metabolites from marine sponges and molluscs.A J S 'Bill' Williams MBE CChem FRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/ajs-bill-williams-mbe-frsc-0RAF pilot and university lecturer, Bill is renowned for his schools lecture series given to over 80,000 children.Tina Fenghttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/tina-fengAs a director at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf, Tina draws on her own experience of studying science as a deaf person.Professor Simon Lancaster CChem FRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/professor-simon-lancaster-cchem-frscAs professor of chemical education at the University of East Anglia, Simon pursues his research interests and innovative, technology-based approaches to teaching and learning.Professor Reiko Kurodahttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/professor-reiko-kuroda-0Reiko received the L’Oréal–UNESCO For Women in Science Award in 2013 for encouraging women to pursue scientific research. Primo Levihttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/primo-leviPrimo Levi was an Italian-Jewish chemist who survived Auschwitz to become one of the great Holocaust writers.Professor Zanariah Binti Abdullah FRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/professor-zanariah-binti-abdullah-frscIn addition to teaching organic chemistry at the University of Malaya, Zanariah runs outreach programmes in the Malaysian jungle. Dr Geetha Srinivasan CSci CChem MRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-geetha-srinivasanGeetha’s determination to pursue her interest in chemistry resulted in her moving from southern India to Northern Ireland.Alfred Nobelhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/alfred-nobel-0In addition to the invention of dynamite and hundreds of patents, Alfred Nobel’s legacy recognises outstanding achievements in a range of scientific and humanitarian disciplines. Jessica Saleshttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/jessica-sales-0Jessica’s career as a chemist started with an apprenticeship. Her dedication has been recognised as a finalist at Cogent’s UK Life Science Skills Awards.Dr Ellen Kooijmanhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-ellen-kooijman-0Ellen combined a love for geoscience and her enthusiasm for LEGO® to inspire the LEGO® 'Research Institute'.Professor Sean Seymorehttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/professor-sean-seymoreSean is professor of law and professor of chemistry at Vanderbilt University, Tennessee. Dr Jean-René Hamonhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-jean-rene-hamonJean-René, French director of the French-Chilean International Associate Laboratory, had to adapt his working methods after a lab accident left him blind and damaged his hands.Glenn Seaborghttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/glenn-seaborgAmerican nuclear chemist Glenn Seaborg’s research led to one of the most significant extensions of the periodic table since it was conceived.Dr Sean Thurston MRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-sean-thurston-mrscSean creates the Royal Institution’s L’Oréal Young Scientist Centre workshops that enable students to become a scientist or engineer for a day. Marjory Stephensonhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/marjory-stephensonMarjory Stephenson became one of the first female fellows of the Royal Society for her work on bacterial metabolism. Andrea Angelhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/andrea-angelDuring World War I, University of Oxford chemistry lecturer, Andrea Angel, volunteered for war work and was employed to oversee a TNT purification factory.Katriona Methven CChem MRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/katriona-methven-cchem-mrscAn advocate for women in science, Katriona is a director at cosmetics company L’Oréal, and has judged the L’Oréal–UNESCO For Women in Science Awards. John Cornforth CBEhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/john-cornforth-cbe-frsLearning chemistry through reading and laboratory work, John Cornforth is widely recognised for his work and shared the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1975. Peter Gallant MBE FRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/peter-gallant-mbe-frscPeter found his love of chemistry as a schoolboy during the war while recovering from polio. Dr Charles West MRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-charles-west-mrscCharles’s career took him from the football pitch to the oil fields of Saudi Arabia as a researcher.Michael Faradayhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/michael-faradayMichael Faraday’s work on electrochemistry was motivated by his first employer, a bookbinder, who encouraged him to read and try out experiments.Dr Rachel Fuller Brownhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-rachel-fuller-brownWishing to pay back those that supported her chemistry career, Rachel Fuller Brown donated the royalties from her patent for antifungal drug, Nystatin, to research and training.Professor Jeremy Sanders CBE FRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/professor-jeremy-sanders-cbe-frsc-frsJeremy is the pro-vice chancellor for institutional affairs at Cambridge University, responsible for inclusion and diversity. Jane Marcethttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/jane-marcetJane Marcet was inspired by the lectures of Humphry Davy, and in turn inspired Michael Faraday through her book, Conversations on Chemistry. Professor Ada Yonath HonFRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/professor-ada-yonath-honfrscAda’s work on deciphering the structure of the ribosome made her only the fourth female to receive the Nobel Prize in chemistry. Dr James Lovelock CBE CChem MRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-james-lovelock-cbe-cchem-mrscJames is the first living scientist to have an exhibition dedicated to him at the Science Museum and is a passionate voice on climate change.Professor Santiago Schnell FRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/professor-santiago-schnell-frscSantiago’s battle with cancer inspired his work, which combines experimentation research and computational modelling to study protein folding diseases.Masataka Taketsuruhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/masataka-taketsuruIntrigued by the chemistry of distillation – and especially of Scotland’s national drink – Masataka Taketsuru and his wife brought the art of whisky-making to Japan.Amy Kinghttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/amy-kingAmy has set up her own charity, GlamSci, which aims to encourage more young women to study science and technology.Dr George Okafo MRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-george-okafo-mrscGeorge works on laboratory-based drug discovery projects and early-stage research at GSK. Professor David Smith FRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/professor-dave-smith-frscDavid’s research was influenced by his husband’s cystic fibrosis. He champions the use of YouTube in teaching and as an outreach tool.Dr Owen Priesthttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-owen-priestA lecturer in organic chemistry and a prominent role model, Owen provides specific support for LGBT students.Karen Fieldhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/karen-fieldKaren transitioned to a female gender expression 28 years ago, at the start of her teaching career. Professor Rachel O'Reilly FRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/professor-rachel-oreilly-frscResearching the synthesis and applications of new nanomaterials, Rachel became professor of chemistry at only 34 years of age.Richard Maling Barrerhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/richard-maling-barrerUntil he was nine, Richard Barrer studied with his mother on an isolated farm in New Zealand; his research led to the founding of zeolite chemistry.Abu Mūsā Jābir ibn Hayyānhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/abu-musa-jabir-ibn-hayyanBorn in Tus, Persia, Abu Musa Jabir ibn Hayyan is one of the fathers of modern chemistry.Dr Asel Sartbaeva MRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-asel-sartbaeva-mrscReading New Scientist paved Asel’s way from her home country, Kyrgyzstan, to a research career in the UK.Frank Greenawayhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/frank-greenawayHaving served during World War II, Frank Greenaway was a destined scientist and is a prominent figure at the Science Museum.Irène Joliot-Curiehttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/irene-joliot-curieIrène Joliot-Curie’s work on radioactive isotopes forms the basis of much biomedical research and cancer treatment today.Thea van Wezelhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/thea-van-wezelThea used her experience of losing her eyesight to set up and lead a company-wide disability network.Abigail Storeyhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/abigail-storeyChief scientific glass blower at the University of York, Abigail developed a love of working with glass whilst studying for her arts degree.Professor Maud L. Mentenhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/professor-maud-l-mentenMaud Menten was a biochemical and medical researcher who co-devised one of the fundamental models in enzyme kinetics.Dr Sylvia Anie CSci CChem FRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-sylvia-anie-cchem-frscGhanaian chemist Sylvia has worked on healthcare challenges, including MRI scanning and HIV, advising international organisations.Stephen Preece CChem FRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/stephen-preece-cchem-frscChief chemist at EDF Energy, Stephen – who started as an apprentice – wholeheartedly endorses the vocational route into science.Dr Edwyn Andertonhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-edwyn-andertonAs a teacher trainer, Edwyn passes on his knowledge of – and passion for – chemistry to the next generation of teachers.Dr Percy Lavon Julianhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-percy-lavon-julianRacial segregation prevented Percy Lavon Julian from studying science at school; instead, he learned by reading books.Professor Dorothy Hodgkin OMhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dorothy-hodgkin-om-frsPioneer in X-ray crystallography, Dorothy Hodgkin is the only British woman to have received the Nobel Prize in chemistry.Rachel Carsonhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/rachel-carsonLiterary author and conservationist, Rachel Carson exposed the harmful effects of the pesticide DDT with her book, Silent Spring.Dr Rajitha Hanarasinghe MRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-rajitha-hanarasinghe-mrscRajitha has presented her research on surface chemistry in parliament as part of the national poster competition SET for Britain.Joseph Priestleyhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/joseph-priestleyClergyman, theologist and political theorist, Joseph Priestley maintained his objection to prejudice and dogma in the face of persecution.Jacob Coxhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/jacob-coxHaving left formal education when he was 12 years old, Jacob taught himself chemistry from books and online materials.Dr Ellen Mwenesongole MRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/ellen-mwenesongoleEllen has become a role model for others who felt that a career in chemistry was ‘too difficult’ or not for them.Neelum Munirhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/neelum-munirNeelum discovered her passion for organic chemistry at university, despite lacking interest in the subject and initially failing her chemistry exam at school.Liz Moran MChemA CChem FRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/liz-moran-mchema-cchem-frscLiz is a public analyst, testing our food to protect us from contamination and fraud.Chasity Lovehttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/chasity-lovePhD student Chasity brings chemistry to students of disadvantaged backgrounds.Dr Abedawn Khalaf CChem MRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-abedawn-khalaf-cchem-mrscAbedawn’s career has included lecturing in a war zone and making anti-inflammatories from the secretions of parasitic worms. Cheryl Alexanderhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/cheryl-alexanderCheryl teaches at York High School, where she is accompanied by her dog Orca who provides support with her disabilityLeslie Bretherick CChem FRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/leslie-bretherick-cchem-frscIn writing Bretherick’s Handbook of Reactive Chemical Hazards, Leslie Bretherick, has contributed to the safety of numerous chemists since 1975.Dr Kylie Vincent MRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-kylie-vincent-mrscKylie and her research group pioneered a new method, using enzymes bound on carbon beads, to catalyse reactions.Dr Hilary Hamnett MRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-hilary-hamnett-mrscHilary moved half way around the world to pursue a career in forensics in New Zealand.Professor Sason Shaikhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/professor-sason-shaikWriter and poet, Sason is an enthusiastic advocate of the value of insight, beauty and meaning in chemistry.Professor Pratibha Gai FRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/professor-pratibha-gai-frscBy drilling a hole into the imaging lens of an electron microscope, Pratibha developed a way of observing, in-situ, single atoms as they react.Tara O’Neill RSci AMRSC http://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/tara-oneill-rsci-amrscTara was one of the Royal Society of Chemistry's first members to obtain a Registered Scientist (RSci) award.Dr Andrew Holding MRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-andrew-holding-mrscAndrew is the founder of BrightClub in Cambridge, a comedy night that combines entertainment with science and outreach. Professor Sue Gibson OBE CChem FRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/professor-sue-gibson-obe-cchem-frscThe first recipient of the Royal Society’s Rosalind Franklin Award, Sue funded a series of UK lectureships for internationally renowned female chemists. Jean Johnson CChem FRSC http://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/jean-johnson-cchem-frscJean works to fund chemistry courses for Ugandan teachers and schoolchildren, encouraging them to try for university whatever their background.Jess Hamhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/jess-hamJess won the Bill Bryson Prize for Science Communication 2012 for her comic chemistry cartoons, combining chemistry facts with witty science puns.Dr Ida Smedleyhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-ida-smedleyIda Smedley was the first female member of the Chemical Society, and a vociferous campaigner for equality. Dr Martha Annie Whiteleyhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-martha-annie-whiteleyMartha Annie Whiteley was one of 19 female chemists who campaigned for women to be admitted to the Chemical Society.Marie Curiehttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/marie-curieThe first female recipient of a Nobel Prize, Marie Curie is also the only person to have received two Nobel Prizes in different scientific fields. Alexander Borodinhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/alexander-borodinAlexander Borodin was a Russian composer, chemist, physician and advocate of women’s rights.Dr Marie Maynard Dalyhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-marie-maynard-dalyMarie Maynard Daly was the first African American woman to be awarded a PhD in chemistry in the USA.Ida Freundhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/ida-freundIda Freund was the first female chemistry lecturer at any UK university, an active feminist and supporter of women’s suffrage.Professor Romeela Mohee FRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/professor-romeela-mohee-frscDean of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Mauritius, Romeela has always encouraged girls to study for engineering degrees. Dr Helen Neville FRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-helen-neville-frscFascinated by the life applications of chemistry at a young age, Helen is now vice-president of research and development for P&G.Dr Allyson Reedhttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-allyson-reedAs director of enterprise and communications at the government's Technology Strategy Board (now InnovateUK), Allyson Reed worked on growing ideas into business propositions.Dr Mah Hussain-Gambles MBE CChem MRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-mah-hussain-gambles-mbe-cchem-mrscWith her own organic and Halal-certified skincare range, Mah has helped UK-based companies export to countries beyond Europe.Dame Kathleen Lonsdale DBE FRShttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dame-kathleen-lonsdale-dbe-frsKathleen Lonsdale was made one of the first female fellows of the Royal Society for her pioneering work in crystallography.Professor Tina Overton CChem MRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/professor-tina-overton-cchem-mrscTina is a professor of chemical education at the University of Hull, and president of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Educational Division. Karl Plaggehttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/karl-plaggeA German officer during World War II, Karl Plagge used his position to save hundreds of Jewish prisoners.Reverend Ronald Lancaster MBE CChem FRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/reverend-ronald-lancaster-mbe-cchem-frscFormer chemistry teacher, Ronald's fascination with both chemistry and fireworks has led to him founding one of the UK's leading fireworks companies.Dr Audrey Cameron CChem MRSChttp://www.rsc.org/diversity/175-faces/all-faces/dr-audrey-cameron-cchem-mrscAudrey uses her experience of teaching chemistry as a deaf person to develop science signs for users of sign language.