Encouraging inquiry-based approaches

28 September 2016  Education

Manage the load for students


Chemistry powers soft robot octopus

30 September 2016 Science

Soft robot opens way to more user-friendly machines

Transforming education research

14 September 2016 News

New project to investigate the opportunities and challenges for teachers and researchers

Assessment won't deliver better teaching at UK universities

9 September 2016 News

Report claims pitting research against teaching won’t do either any favours

HPLC-free synthesis slashes protein production time  

Tagging system may make building biologically relevant proteins faster, cheaper and greene...

Shape-shifting hydrogel can heal itself  

New material returns to its original shape even when cut into pieces

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Straight talk

19 September 2016 Feature

Jo Moules cuts through the confusion and gets to the heart of formative assessment

Robotic chemistry sets for the classroom  

Can chemistry education in schools benefit from the explosion of low-cost robotic devices,...

Making chemical language easy  

Ann Marie Farrell and Michael Seery consider how to meet students’ language and literacy...

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