Practical science at a distance

3 July 2015  Feature

Eleanor Crabb discusses the advantages and practicalities of teaching experimental skills online


Studying the steps up to uni

17 August 2015 Education

Students raising hands in a lecture theatre

Undergraduates with more advanced learning approaches score higher than their peers

25% of public put off chemistry by school

2 June 2015 News

A new survey on public attitudes to chemistry shows the public’s perception is closely tied with their school experience

Reorganising organic chemistry

17 June 2015 Education

Organic reaction mechanisms

Mechanisms before reactions

Questioning consumer chemistry  

Studying science through critical thinking

RSC 2015 education awards  

Animations available for free online and chemistry MOOCs lead the way

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Working glass hero

3 July 2015 Feature


Andrew Turley investigates the history of Pyrex, one of the best known brands in chemistry

What ignited the Hindenburg?  

Mike Follows looks at the theories behind the cause of the German airship disaster in 193...

Controlling the quality of herbal medicines  Premium content

Matthew Almond and Samantha Atkinson discuss how the British Pharmacopoeia aids the qual...

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In the public eye

The role of teachers in the public perception of chemistry

Paul MacLellan


Revision, motivation and inquiry

Discussions from the magazine, blog, website and social media


India at a crossroads

Chemistry teachers in India must make better use of experiments that are cheap and easy to run to inspire the next generation, says T V Venkateswaran

T V Venkateswaran