Designing skilful chemists

27 June 2016  Feature

David Smith discusses the importance of employability skills for chemists


Protein crystals stretch knowledge of exotic materials

29 June 2016 Science

Self-assembling protein tiles show rare property of thickening by the same amount as they are stretched by

Smallest ever molecular thermometers made from DNA

24 June 2016 Science

Tiny fragments of DNA combined with fluorescent probes can be used to take temperature at the nanoscale

It’s good to talk

8 June 2016 Education

Facilitating peer group learning

Rechargeable first for promising battery tech  

New cathode material makes for energetic, rechargeable sodium–carbon dioxide batteries t...

Smart bandages you press for antibacterial action  

Only releasing antibacterials when needed leave bacteria with no time to adapt

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Collaborative chemistry degrees

13 June 2016 Feature

How Chinese and UK universities are working together to deliver degree programmes to Chinese students

Scaling new peaks  

Nina Notman admires the plethora of different uses for the separation techniques known col...

The language of chemistry  

Tom Husband gives an insider’s view of teaching chemistry to students for whom English i...

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Bringing research into the classroom

Developing teaching and learning skills


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Bridging the gap

Kristy Turner suggests how teachers can help students make a smooth transition from school to university based education