Exploding some myths

10 September 2015  Feature

Declan Fleming investigates what’s really going on when alkali metals hit water


Chemistry World science communication competition 2015–16

1 October 2015 News

Faraday theatre

Opportunity to present in the Faraday lecture theatre at the Royal Institution

Evaluate on the go

4 September 2015 Education

How do chemists solve open-ended problems?

Studying the steps up to uni

17 August 2015 Education

Students raising hands in a lecture theatre

Undergraduates with more advanced learning approaches score higher than their peers

Variety in Chemistry Education 2015  

Teaching and learning in higher education

From chip fat to biofuel  

Solvent-free synthesis converts fatty acids into diesel replacement

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Layer by layer

10 September 2015 Feature

Andrew Turley investigates a build-it-yourself 3D printer you can use in your classroom

The open educational relationship between India and the UK  

Both countries could benefit from embracing fully the open education movement, say Tejas ...

Seeing is believing  Premium content

Elinor Hughes discovers the technique that has imaged molecules directly for the first ti...

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It's complicated

What do you do when chemistry doesn’t match your concepts?


pH, mechanisms and formulas

Discussions from the magazine, blog, website and social media


Practical limitations

An apocalyptic vision of what the future might hold for school practical work in England, Wales and Northern Ireland by Steve Jones

Steve Jones