Climate research heats up

Climate research heats up

20 November 2014  Feature

Nina Notman meets some of the atmospheric chemists fitting the pieces of the climate change jigsaw together


Bringing collaborative research into class

28 November 2014 Education

Students and teachers collaborating

Building an effective community of practice

Super-res light microscopy wins Nobel

20 November 2014 News


Studying molecular processes in real time

Assessing covalency in hydrogen bonds

20 November 2014 Science

A fresh perspective

Firing up battery safety  

Smart battery prevents overheating hazard

Acetaldehyde: right to roam  

A surprising new insight into photolysis

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Golden opportunities

20 November 2014 Premium contentFeature

Golden opportunitites

Elinor Hughes finds out how chemists are challenging a misconception about gold

The art detectives  

Emma Stoye finds out how spectroscopic techniques allow scientists to look over the should...

Unwitting artists  

Is there art in chemical structures and diagrams? Jennifer Newton looks at the aesthetics ...

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Blogs and maths …

… an ever engaging duo


Bonding, equilibria, maths and more

Discussions from the magazine, website and social media


What do we want our students to be?

We need to convert our students from consumers into creators, says David Smith

David Smith