Chemistry stinks

2 December 2016  Feature

Jacob Cox, Simon Rees and Peter Banks describe educational techniques linking the sense of smell with memory


Science for society

24 November 2016 Education

Helping students become responsible researchers

Rewriting the lab book

1 December 2016 Education

Connecting theory to practice in the teaching laboratory

Multi-talented polymer more versatile than sum of its parts

25 November 2016 Science

Material with mix-and-match functionalities could be used in smart windows

Hairy plants aid oil-absorbing material design  

Leaves of weed could even be used to mop-up slicks

Battery material helps people keep their cool  

Nanoporous clothes would be transparent to body heat

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The massive problem of microplastics

15 November 2016 Feature

As plastics fill up and pollute our oceans, recognising their value rather than thinking of them as disposable could help us ...

Modern-day alchemists  

As this year saw the filling of the remaining four gaps in the periodic table, Sam Tracey ...

Assessment time  

How have chemistry exams changed in the last 100 years? Kristy Turner goes to the archive ...

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Shining lights

Science is a torch we use to light our universe. We shouldn't put limits on where we point it


From research to classroom

What do you think of our blogposts and articles? Your views from the web, blog and social media


Change your lens

Suzanne Fergus invites us look at our approaches to teaching innovations from four different points of view