Modern-day alchemists

17 October 2016  Feature

As this year saw the filling of the remaining four gaps in the periodic table, Sam Tracey visited Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to find out how to make a new element


Research and practice: bridging the gap

18 October 2016 Education

Collaborated approaches to education research

Hefty trainee teacher bursaries get mixed reception

17 October 2016 News

The Department for Education has announced substantial new bursaries for teacher training – but some are larger than others

Metal micronutrients get to the root of antifungal defence

14 October 2016 Science

Flavoursome tomato varieties could benefit from nanoparticle fertilisers

Molecular machines roll in for the 2016 chemistry Nobel  

Ben Feringa, Jean-Pierre Sauvage and Fraser Stoddart take chemistry’s top gong for creat...

Study calls for universities to require A-level maths for chemistry  

Benefits for chemistry undergraduates who study maths

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Straight talk

19 September 2016 Feature

Jo Moules cuts through the confusion and gets to the heart of formative assessment

Robotic chemistry sets for the classroom  

Can chemistry education in schools benefit from the explosion of low-cost robotic devices,...

Making chemical language easy  

Ann Marie Farrell and Michael Seery consider how to meet students’ language and literacy...

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Community or clique?

Charles Harrison implores us to welcome new blood and ideas into the chemistry education community