Phosphate analyser

The impossible water sensor

11 May 2015  Feature

Hundreds of different chemicals can ruin our water, so measuring their levels is vital. Josh Howgego investigates whether building sensors that can do the job cheaply and remotely will ever be possible


Rationalising reasoning

11 May 2015 Education


Is contextualisation the best solution?

Analysing analogies

11 May 2015 Education

Teacher CPD could support analogical thinking

RSC 2015 education awards

6 May 2015 News

Royal Society of Chemistry crest

Animations available for free online and chemistry MOOCs lead the way

Finland to emphasise topics for basic education  

New national curriculum will require schools to provide at least one topic-based study per...

Spicing up MOFs  

Two drugs for the price of one

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Representing molecular behaviour

11 May 2015 Feature

Computer simulation of molecules

Roy Tasker explains how molecular animations help students

The Lion, the Wich and the Waller  Premium content

Almost 30 years after its closure, the historic Lion Salt Works in Cheshire opens its door...

Chemistry in bloom  

There's chemistry among the specimens at many botanical gardens

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Supporting professional development

From research to practice and back again

Karen J Ogilvie


Developing understanding

Discussions from the magazine, website, blog and social media

Speech bubbles


Power to the profession

Science teachers can take the lead within a new College of Teaching, and show other teaching communities the way, says John Holman

John Holman